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The Shameless Art of Self-Promotion

As women, we spend most of our lives worrying that we’re not good enough. What a waste of time! Throughout your life you may have stopped yourself from achieving your full potential by thinking …

I’m not pretty enough,
I’m not thin enough,
I’m not smart enough
I don’t have a formal education

… the list is endless, but you may never truly have felt enough

How much longer will you continue to be the person others choose you to be. Isn’t it time you became the real you? The real you with healthy self-esteem for who and what you are … the you brimming with self-confidence because you recognise your limitless capacity for life and your unique talents.

This is a two hour workshop designed to help you find what pushes your self-esteem buttons, what you really think about yourself and how you can change to become the person who knows where they shine, and steps-out glowing with the sexiness of self-confidence in your own personal abilities …

It’s never too late to shine! Do it now …