Unique and Exclusive Tuscany Travel

Two weeks of eat, live, laugh, in your own private accommodation in Tuscany, with several other like-minded women, all over 50, all solo and all living … this will be fun and really is Tuscany at its very best. Travel that is unique and exclusive to YOU …

If you have always dreamed of a life Under the Tuscan Sun, now is the time to do it … travel is high on your bucket list and now is the time to find out what this trip offers you and ask yourself “why am I waiting?”

Sure, you can wait and see if you get a better offer;
You can wait until you have enough money (how much is enough?!);
You can wait until you find the right women to travel with;
You can wait until you’re too old to put one foot in front of the other;
You can wait until somebody else gives you permission;
You can wait until the time is right;
You can even wait until your family say it’s OK (good luck with that one!);
You can wait until learning to love life has passed you by;
You can wait until living your life has passed you by;
You can wait until the idea of living for yourself is so overwhelming you have trouble breathing.

You can wait forever until you actually no longer have the physical or mental attributes to live the dream …

Do you really want to wait any longer? Or are you prepared to say “Yup … this is my life and if I don’t do it now, I never will.” So bite the bullet and decide not only are you going to travel, but you’re going to join in on something that is exclusive!

As a coach, a stylist, a writer and designer, and a woman who has worked with Women over 50 for many years, I truly believe that Viaggi per Donne will contribute to helping you:

□ raise your self-esteem & start believing in yourself;
□ become the real you;
□ love yourself (giving yourself this trip is just the beginning);
□ be inspired to expand your creativity;
□ be filled with joy;
□ feel part of a community.

This is a decision you will never regret making … and how many of those are there in your life?!

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Come and join us for this Unique and Exclusive Experience of a Lifetime that is especially for you …

You really don’t want to miss out on one of these favoloso journeys and there are only four (4) available in 2017 …

Be quick … contact us TODAY!!

If not now … When?!?!

Viaggi per Donne