The Ultimate Guide to Style for Women of a Certain Age

Why You’ll Love Hot Stuff…

by Penelope Jane Whiteley

If you’re one of the many women actively seeking information and inspiration on how to dress a body you’re pushed to recognise as your own, Hot Stuff is the book for you!

Thank you so much Penelope. Since reading your fabulous book I have now discovered that there is a “new” life after all. You have given me a confidence that I didn’t know I had. I feel great, look good and have a brand new spring in my step. I now feel just like I did 40 years ago.Wendy - Sydney

If you’re a hormonally challenged woman of “a certain age”, Hot Stuff will help you to understand what works since your shape has shifted.

Hot Stuff will teach you the subtle art of camouflage!

Hot Stuff will teach you how to dress age-appropriately without looking like Granny!

Hot Stuff will show you how to abandon the universally accepted trend to casual and start dressing the way you would like to feel and look … Fabulous!

Hot Stuff will teach you that mid-life is about recognising the resources within and applying them every day.

Hot Stuff covers nearly everything you need to know about menopause and style.

Hot Stuff the Book

Hot Stuff will help you:

  • analyse your new body shape and decide the type of clothes that will work for you
  • analyse your new colours and help you decide what will work for you now
  • learn how to apply make-up that looks good at the end of the day – despite Flushes
  • to find information on how to re-style your hair to suit your new face
  • learn how to care for your feet
  • decide on what to wear on your feet
  • in your search for the best ways of dealing with the recently acquired Moustache and Beard
  • by providing information on anti-aging products and treatments that fit your budget
  • with tips on how to care for your eyesight and which frame shape will suit your new face shape
  • with ideas on what to wear during the day
  • with ideas on age-appropriate evening wear
  • with ideas on comfortable sleepwear that cope with flashes
  • consider spiritual re-creation
  • learn how to adapt to and even learn to love the menopause
  • prepare yourself for moving through your Third Age as the smart, sassy lady YOU know you are
  • find the still beautiful, confident, competent, intelligent woman within the newly re-shaped exterior!!!


“Hot Stuff” was just the tonic I needed. I now feel attractive again. My husband said to thank you as well.Jean - Sydney
Finally! Someone who understands. Fabulous book. It not only helped so much, but gave me a good laugh to boot. Well done!Maureen - Singapore
Hot Stuff is thoroughly enjoyable, easily readable and insightful. This book answers all of the questions `a woman of a certain age’ may have, and you don’t need to have a University degree to understand it. It’s like having your own stylist at your beck and call. Penelope’s quirky humour is honest and cheeky at times; even my husband found it funny. This book is very likely to become one of your favourite accessories. I’m looking forward to Penelope’s next book!Rosalie - Sydney
I couldn’t believe it. Everything you describe in the book applied to me. I have taken your advice and like you say..”I now have a new me”, and I love the result. I’ve gone from my “Mother” back to me. Thank you so much.Beverly - St. Albans, Melbourne
I just wanted to say that I think your book is wonderful. In fact, for the price the value couldn’t be better. I was prepared to just accept the fact that I was changing in my later life. Your book has taught me that doesn’t have to be the case. You can do something about it and “Hot Stuff” has certainly helped me do just that. Thank you so much.Jacqui - Hong Kong

Who is Penelope Whiteley?

My name is Penelope Jane and I was born on Hampstead Heath (in the Maternity Hospital!), North London sometime after the end of WWII (sooner rather than later). I am most definitely a woman of “a certain age”; when asked my age my reply is usually “I’m as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth”.

Born into a musical and artistic family I grew up in London and Kent (the Garden of England). My passion for travel started at an early age; both my parents had itchy feet. When I was 12 my father was asked to open a music publishing company – in Australia! After two months in Sydney I was returned to school in Kent.

From then on, I travelled to and from Australia at least once a year and regularly entertained my parents when they visited me in London!

Having finished school life and being too young to be accepted into Medical School, I did an extra year of schooling in Sydney. Not what I had in mind …

Finally I entered Medical School and after a few years quit to go to Drama School (drab and boxy white coats and pockets at boob level – puhleez!) …

Fashion, Style, Make-up and All Things “Girlie”

My working life has been catholic to say the least. I’ve experienced a variety of incarnations ranging from Actress/Singer to software developer … and beyond! Fashion, style, make-up and all things “girlie” have always been a large part of my life.

As I grow older and look back, I notice how often I pushed the envelope and stepped way outside my comfort zone. And I’m still doing it! Writing a book about style and helping women empower themselves during one of the most challenging periods of their lives was not on my list of “things I must do before I die”!

Why I Wrote “Hot Stuff” the Book

Not only did I not intend writing a book, but if I had intended to do so, Hot Stuff – The Ultimate Guide to Style for Women of a Certain Age wasn’t the plan!

The original idea was to write an eBook about menopause, but following copious research I discovered there are a lot of books about menopause available – either as eBooks or as proper books.

It was during my research, and as a result of talking to many, many women, I discovered the major problem causing heartache and distress for women of “a certain age”, was how to dress since suffering the sea-change of menopause.

Hot Stuff Style Guide Kindle Version

The questions and discussions invariably centred around colour, style, body analysis, hair and anything to do with the physical and mental aspects of hormonal changes and the challenges they presented. Working on the principle that boosting a woman’s confidence in relation to feeling good about the way she looks was half the battle, Hot Stuff was started … and finished!

One of my greatest joys is to see the difference a complete re-style can make to a woman; to see the confidence bloom! And then to have the privilege of helping that woman find or re-kindle her passion and actually understand that right now is the time for living life, in a way they didn’t even know they wanted, by making the new mind-body connections.