Diet with 3 of the Best Weight Loss Programs

There have been a couple of occasions in my life when I have been what I consider to be fat. My idea of weight loss was trying diets like “The Israeli Army Diet”; if you tried it, you will remember it was a 10-day diet; for a reason! But, as a woman over 55, losing […]

Colour: Have Yours Changed as You’ve Got Older?

One of the things that can change as we get older, is our colours. For most of us, our colours change with each decade. What you could wear when you were 40 you often cannot wear when your 50 or 60. BUT, you may well be able to wear it again when you hit 70!

Apple-shapes: What to Wear and What not to Wear to look Stunning!

If you carry most of your fat around your upper body (abdomen, chest, and back), you are described as being an Apple shape. Often you will have broad shoulders and your rib cage will look large, but this is usually combined with slim legs; the Apple shape is a shape that many women acquire at […]

Just Write the Damn Book … Set Your Passion Free

I have always loved to write … and read! As a child, getting me to take my nose out of a book, or stop scribbling stories on pieces of paper, was a thankless task. My school reports may not have been particularly flattering about my behaviour (!), but there was always much praise for my […]

A Travelling Life and Christmas … in Zurich!

My dreams of a white Christmas have been dashed yet again! I know, that’s Life. Here I am in Zurich, land of snow frolicking and skiing, and they’re having to use snow machines. Every Swiss you speak to blames global warning and yes, they may well be right. I am an ardent advocate of preservation […]