Travel Documents … the essentials, the non essentials, and the nice to haves!

This is a list I put together some time ago and was surprised by the number of “nice to haves” that I thought of  … most of them being items I wished I had had at some time in my nomadic life … and didn’t! This seems to be a pretty comprehensive list of Travel Documents. […]

Fear: is it Stopping Your Dream of Travel?

As a coach and mentor, one of the things I have observed over the years is that so much of whatever any lady’s problem may be is fear-based; to help them find a successful outcome, first kill the fear! Often, when you have a desire to do something, it is your fear that will stop […]

The Solo Woman Traveller over 50

In the name of Viaggi per Donne and travel for the solo woman of a certain age, I have just spent three days in Florence, Italy in unbelievable temperatures; the older I get, the less I am able to cope with super hot weather. Spent a lot of time drinking coca cola with salt to […]

Travel; Italy is a Banquet!

The other day, I sat down and counted the number of countries I have been to and was amazed at the piddling number of 59! Having been born with the travel bug, I was really surprised. For years I have been saying it was 57! Does it matter in the grand scheme of things?! Not […]

Are you ready to Pack Your Bags and Go? Travel for the 45+ woman

I never leave the house without my passport; just in case! I’m happy to get on a plane at the drop of a hat and if I need to buy something (shampoo?), I’ll get some when I arrive … are you ready to pack your bags and go? I know there are many, many people […]

Does your Self-Esteem Allow You to Feel Posh?

I recently saw, first hand, the different ages of people over 60. I know that statement sounds as though it’s a riddle, but it isn’t. When I talk about different ages, I’m really talking about the mind-set and attitude of people over 60 (especially women), and the different ways in which the way you look […]

My Bucket List is Growing; is Yours?

Photographer: Eperales via Flickr (

Where have you always wanted to go and haven’t … because you always go on holiday vacations for the kids or to please a significant other. So many women over 50 acquire the travel bug, put together a huge bucket list but have no idea how to go about putting a travel adventure together that will please […]

You Want to Go Where? 50+ Travel

Almost every woman you meet (well, I meet them!), who is 45 and up, tells you they want to travel. You provide them with the opportunity and then watch them back-peddle at 90 miles an hour …