What’s Good About Aging for Women? How we Can Make it Better

What’s good about aging for women? I know, for some of us it’s a really difficult question to answer; it depends on the weather, or what’s happening or who we’re with, or who we’re not with, whether we feel fat, is it a good hair day, and many other small but important mood changers.

Becoming Me!

This is something I wrote in 2012, about becoming me, at the request of someone else; it was published somewhere, although I can’t remember where! I find it interesting to read and I hope you do too. Becoming anything is important; becoming yourself, and not what you’re expected to be,  is vital …

The Journey: Who Clipped Your Wings. A book.

This blog or short story, started life as the introduction to a book I am writing entitled  “Who Clipped Your Wings?”. Of course (of course!), it has all changed. This is about my Journey into Europe; how it started and why. So please, if this seems a little disjointed, it’s because of the name change (from The […]

A Travelling Life and Christmas … in Zurich!

My dreams of a white Christmas have been dashed yet again! I know, that’s Life. Here I am in Zurich, land of snow frolicking and skiing, and they’re having to use snow machines. Every Swiss you speak to blames global warning and yes, they may well be right. I am an ardent advocate of preservation […]

Does your Self-Esteem Allow You to Feel Posh?

I recently saw, first hand, the different ages of people over 60. I know that statement sounds as though it’s a riddle, but it isn’t. When I talk about different ages, I’m really talking about the mind-set and attitude of people over 60 (especially women), and the different ways in which the way you look […]