Travel; Italy is a Banquet!

The other day, I sat down and counted the number of countries I have been to and was amazed at the piddling number of 59! Having been born with the travel bug, I was really surprised. For years I have been saying it was 57! Does it matter in the grand scheme of things?! Not […]

Life; as it happens …

The other day, in the middle of examining the Magna Carta (as you do!), I decided to change the direction of this blog … just a tad. No more will I spend hours researching the latest hair or nail products, or the effects of Turmeric on Arthritis, or other such learned topic. No no! I’m […]

Does your Self-Esteem Allow You to Feel Posh?

I recently saw, first hand, the different ages of people over 60. I know that statement sounds as though it’s a riddle, but it isn’t. When I talk about different ages, I’m really talking about the mind-set and attitude of people over 60 (especially women), and the different ways in which the way you look […]

5 Marvellous Holiday Destinations: Safe For Women Travelling Alone

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Personal safety is increasingly becoming important when choosing where you’ll holiday next. For women who want or enjoy travelling solo, safety isn’t just a matter of avoiding war zones it’s also about being feeling safe and having an incident free holiday.