The idea of beauty is almost inseparable from youth. It’s everywhere; every mascara, every foundation, every hair product you see is advertised by girls who look 12 … with flawless skin.

Ar 50 and Up, we still want to look beautiful and we still want to make the best of ourselves. We want to look and feel attractive.

The team at Aging Disgracefully have put together some products that work for us; make-up, skin care, hair care. We believe they will work for you too.

It’s easy to get stuck in a time-warp with make-up and hair the same as it was in your tweties and thirties. At 50 and Up it’s time to get unstuck from your old beauty routines and try something new and exciting.

We haven’t overwhelmed you with new and exciting things to try; no more than half-a-dozen in each section.

Take a look at what we have selected for you; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Beautiful Brows

Marvellous Mascara

Eye-Popping Eye Shadows

Luscious Lips