eBook edition: The Pocket Guide to Styling for Pear Shape Women

The Pocket Guide to Styling for Pear – eBook Edition


Discover the best way to dress and style for your body shape as a Pear. Know what the best cut for pants, skirts and jackets for your pear shape that will instantly change give you a chic and stylish new look.

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Product Description

A little styling advice, in a handy downloadable booklet that will give you the confidence to make your own celebrity styling decisions.

Use this style guide as your back-up when you have doubts or just out and out don’t know what on earth to put on. It’s designed to give you that extra bit of certainty we all need from time to time when we’re doubting ourselves.

In The Pocket Guide To Styling for Pear, you will find easy to read understand lists of do’s and don’t’s for your major garment types –

  • Pants
  • Jeans
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Coats

With illustrations to show you examples of what works best for your pear shaped body, this mini styling guide gives you the information you want in a practical and straight forward manner – no “reading between the lines” necessary.

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