Hot Stuff – The Ultimate Guide to Style for Women of a Certain Age (Google Books Edition)


The book for all hormonally challenged women of a certain age. It contains the answers to those burning questions about looking good; even when you're struggling to survive menopause. It's your style companion for your Third Age journey.

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Product Description

If you’re one of the many women actively seeking information and inspiration on how to dress a body you’re struggling to recognise as your own, Hot Stuff is the book for you!

Written for us hormonally challenged women of “a certain age”. Hot Stuff helps you to understand what works now that your figure and shape has shifted.

Hot Stuff teaches you the subtle art of camouflage! How to dress age-appropriately without looking like Granny!

… And show you how to abandon the universally accepted trend to casual sportswear and gets you dressing the way you would like to feel and look … Fabulous!

Hot Stuff will teach you that mid-life doesn’t mean it’s all over. You’ll recognise the amazing resources you have within and gain the confidence to apply them every day.

Hot Stuff covers what you need to know about menopause and style. Hot Stuff will help you:

  • analyse your new body shape and decide the type of clothes that will work for you
  • analyse your new colours and help you decide what will work for you now
  • learn how to apply make-up that looks good at the end of the day – despite “Hot Flushes”
  • to find information on how to re-style your hair to suit your new face
  • learn how to care for your feet
  • decide on what to wear on your feet
  • in your search for the best ways of dealing with the recently acquired “Moustache and Beard”
  • by providing information on anti-aging products and treatments that fit your budget
  • with tips on how to care for your eyesight and which frame shape will suit your new face shape
  • with ideas on what to wear during the day
  • with ideas on age-appropriate evening wear
  • with ideas on comfortable sleepwear that cope with “Flashes”
  • consider spiritual re-creation to feed your soul
  • learn how to adapt to and even learn to love the menopause
  • prepare yourself for moving through your “Third Age” as the smart, sassy lady YOU are
  • find the still beautiful, confident, competent, intelligent woman within the newly re-shaped exterior!!!


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