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Grey Hair & You


The best tips and tricks on managing grey hair; from how to make it look thicker, to the top 5 colouring tips; from how to bleach it the right way to why hair turns grey.

All the information you need packaged in one small book.

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Product Description

This is not the tale of  a cathartic journey on the joys, or not, of acquiring grey hair. It is, quite simply, advice on what to do with your grey hair when you’ve got it. This book will take you through …

Why Hair Turns Grey?

Busting Myths About Grey Hair

Colouring Tips for Greying Hair

The Right Way to Bleach Grey Hair

Making the Transition from Dyed to Grey Hair

Tips for Taming Wiry Grey Hair

Helping your Grey Hair to Look Thicker

Make-up Tips for Looking Great with Grey Hair

Tips for Colouring Grey Eyebrows

Everything you always wanted to know in one small book!

Throughout the book, there are images of 50+ ladies, all looking gorgeous, all grey haired or salt-and-pepper, and all doing something about it!


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