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Grey Hair & You – Print Edition


The best tips and tricks on managing grey hair; from how to make it look thicker, to the top 5 colouring tips; from how to bleach it the right way to why hair turns grey.

All the information you need packaged in one complete book.

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Product Description

You know it when it happens because you start to look washed out and tired. Your hair colour isn’t working; to say it isn’t flattering is probably an understatement. Are the things you’re doing to hide the Grey Hair aging you? That’s not the way it’s supposed to be …

Is the colour you are using designed to make you look younger or older? Yes; there are people looking for the gravitas endowed by grey hair. Weird.

Some of what you will discover in Grey Hair & You …

  • Genetics have the greatest influence on hair colour; stress, nutritional and hormonal factors can also influence hair colour but not the extent we have been led to believe.
  • Thyroid problems and some other diseases, may cause premature grey hair.
  • It is assumed by most that dark-haired people turn grey earlier. Not so; it’s just that the greys are more obvious.
  • In reality, grey hair is a combination of pigmented hair mixed with white/transparent hairs, which contain little to no Melanin.
  • Hair loses its colour as we age because the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die
  • As we age, it is likely that our hair will become finer, but as it may also become drier due to diminished oil production, it gives the impression of being coarser.
  • By 30 most people have a few grey hairs but usually so few you can count them! It is said that by 50 at least half your hair will have turned grey. Obviously this depends on the individual; there are many people who don’t turn grey until their seventies or later.
  • It’s impossible to turn grey overnight, even if you have a dreadful shock. But, if you have a rare disease called ‘Diffuse Alopecia Areata’ (which is believed to be a hereditary condition), you hair can turn grey very quickly; but not overnight.
  • The urban myth that pulling out a grey hair causes them to multiply is just that; an urban myth.
  • The grey process invariably starts at the temples; it moves to the crown and finally to the back of your head.

So, Grey Hair & You is not the tale of  a cathartic journey on the joys, or not, of acquiring grey hair. It is, quite simply, advice on what to do with your grey hair when you’ve got it. This book will take you through …

  • Why Hair Turns Grey?
  • Busting Myths About Grey Hair
  • Colouring Tips for Greying Hair
  • The Right Way to Bleach Grey Hair
  • Making the Transition from Dyed to Grey Hair
  • Tips for Taming Wiry Grey Hair
  • Helping your Grey Hair to Look Thicker
  • Make-up Tips for Looking Great with Grey Hair
  • Tips for Colouring Grey Eyebrows
  • …and more!

Everything you always wanted to know in one handy book!

Throughout the book, there are images of 50+ ladies, all looking gorgeous, all grey haired or salt-and-pepper, and all doing something about it!

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