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Dressing a Rectangle with Style


A simple easy guide to Dressing your Rectangle-shaped body with style …

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Rectangles are women with a well-proportioned body, lean limbs and no curves. This is a shape that a lot of women acquire through perimenopause and menopause because female hormones diminish … or you may just be a rectangle! It’s a shape that is becoming more and more common … think Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Duff, Sheryl Crow …

When you’re dressing a rectangle, your goal is to create the curves you want with a bust, hips and a waist!

Of course, you may be a rectangle with a pear-shaped bottom, or an apple-shaped upper half and a big bust with a  thickened waist, or any variation on the theme.

Many women are born pear-shaped (it is the most common shape for women) but as you age, you may find your  top half starts to match your bottom half in size … and you become a rectangle!

For those of you whose bust expands as you age, the likelihood of you becoming a rectangle is slim to none! Again, despite the lack of hormones (actually, because of the lack of hormones), the increase in bust size and the accumulation of fat around the waist is just part of the process; you have always probably had a tendency to bigger up top than at the bottom … I know this because I have a huge rib cage and am definitely an apple-shaped woman nowadays …


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