10 great ways to say thank you

10 Great Ways to say Thank You

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Bring back the tradition of saying thank you … show your gratitude and appreciation … and if you’re a woman over 50, use these simple and fun ways to say thank you as a game with the grandchildren … experience the benefits you will receive by taking this simple step …

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Product Description

We all remember our mothers asking us if we uttered the magic words  “thank you for having me”, after we’d been to a party or on an outing or any of the other things we do as children.

We also remember writing Thank You notes … to grandparents, aunties and uncles, and various other people, for a present or some other piece of magic.

As we grow older, we tend to forget this sweet little custom and just thank people at the time of the event or receiving the present. But it’s so nice, and received with such pleasure, when we take that extra effort to thank somebody in a way that shows our real gratitude …

This little book shows you some interesting ways to say Thank You and is excellent if you have small children (or children of any age!) and are trying to instil the joy of thanking others …

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