Mini Sunglasses Silver Bling SpecsThing

Mini Sunglasses Silver Bling SpecsThing


For all glasses, spectacle or sunglasses wearers who are looking for a way to keep their specs safe and easy to find.

The most attractive, sensible and cost-effective way to ensure people save money and stop losing their specs!

Just hook the glasses or sunglasses through the loop of the brooch/pin.

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Product Description

In these days of financial hardship for many of us, how much longer can you afford to go on paying for sunglasses and spectacles that you lose (or mis-place!).

How often do they:

  • fall off your head or from the front of your T-shirt …
  • disappear somewhere in a shop where you were looking at an item price or trying on clothing …
  • fall into the hand basin while washing hands …
  • disappear at the bottom of your bag (how is that possible?)
  • slide down the back of the sofa or the car seat?
  • get squashed because you knelt on them or sat on them?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • did my glasses cost enough money to rival the national debt of a small country?
  • can I really afford to spend so much on something I keep losing?
  • can I keep affording to pay for prescription lenses?
  • how much time do I waste looking for them?

If you have any of these problems, this is for you.

These amazing little glasses/spectacles/sunglass holders will prevent all of this from happening.

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