Double heart gold bling SpecsThing

Double Hearts Gold Bling SpecsThing


Antique gold enamelled Hearts with bling for a sparkling way to keep track of your glasses.

For people who spend vast amounts of money on designer sunglasses and lose them; and for people who just lose glasses, or sit on them, or kneel on them and have to replace expensive prescription lenses.

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Product Description

A universal spectacles Hook/Holder which has been designed for men and women that finally provides a solution to lost or temporarily mislaid spectacles which disappear in a handbag or in the garden or in the supermarket trolley or just seem to float off into space!

For people who are tired of having to grope around to find their specs in a bag or shirt pocket so they can read the price of a pair of shoes or a new drill bit.

Just imagine …

  • never losing your specs again
  • always having your sunglasses with you
  • never having to scrabble to the bottom of your bag to find your specs or sunglasses
  • never having to re-trace your steps to find the store where you may have left them
  • never having to search down the back of the sofa or the car seat
  • never having to spend hours in the garden looking for the specs you dropped from the front of your t-shirt
  • never having to worry about the money you’ve lost because yet another pair of designer sunglasses has gone missing!

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