Are you Aging Disgracefully or just feeling Agitated and Unsure?

Many women of a certain age face a crisis within themselves that can lead to unhappiness, frumpiness and a feeling of being lost.

Penelope Jane Whiteley, who is Aging Disgracefully said women aged 40 plus often look for something to replace whatever it is they feel they’ve lost or are missing in their lives.

“But what they should be doing is looking for the cause of the agitation and dissatisfaction and finding what changes they need to make in order to move on,” said Ms Whiteley.

“Identifying the problem is often the hardest part of the equation and takes a lot of introspection,” she said.

“Often, it is an accumulation of events and that final straw that will act as the trigger.”

“The effects are different for everybody but it is important to recognise when it happens otherwise the problem will never be resolved.

“An unresolved issue leads to health problems on an emotional and physical level.”

“We all know the power of the mind in controlling our bodies”

“My own experience came as a result of several months of fighting against my gut reaction to life in general.”

“I simply woke up one Thursday morning and started crying and I couldn’t stop!”

“I had reached the ‘crunch’ and am grateful I was able to recognise what had happened.”

“Many women are unable to identify their own personal ‘crunch’ and more time and effort needs to be spent to help them through the crisis.”

Ms Whiteley encouraged women who were feeling this way to do the following:

  • Abandon the quest for perfection
  • Stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations
  • Dress like you mean it … bring back the chic, stylish and sexy woman of your youth!
  • Practice the attitude of gratitude
  • Live with passion

“There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a Gorilla with a torch!” she said.

Penelope Jane Whiteley is the woman “of a certain age” behind the company Aging Disgracefully.

She is an NLP Master practitioner, personal stylist and coach and the author of the best-selling “Hot Stuff: the Ultimate Guide to Style for Women of a Certain Age” (available from

Re-invention started in her early fifties and she now writes, blogs, tweets, speaks, styles, and helps other women of a certain age to Age Disgracefully and live a life of passion.


Penelope Jane Whiteley is available for interviews. High resolution images are available by request.

Media Contact: Penelope Jane Whiteley
Phone: 0417432371

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