Personal Style for Women of all Ages

□ Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking … “who’s that?”
□ Do you ever find yourself wondering, whether you’re 26 or 76, what happened?
□ Do you feel that you are really not making the best of yourself?
□ Do you know which colours suit you and which don’t?
□ Do you know which are the best designs for your body shape?
□ Do you want to look 10 Kilos or 10 pounds lighter?
□ Do you dress like all your friends?
□ Do you all shop at the same retailers?
Have you despaired of finding clothes that suit you?

Most women have no idea what works for them and what doesn’t. They don’t know which styles, or which colours, or which fabrics or even which size to wear.

Most women will do anything rather than buy a well-fitting bra; something that can change their whole persona! Usually because they are embarrassed at displaying their assets to a stranger …

Are you one of these women?

It’s a fact that you will wear only 20% of the clothes in your wardrobe 80% of the time. Why do you have the other clothes taking up space and quietly dying? You need a Wardrobe Workout, and you need a lesson in which of your clothes you can mix-n- match.

Not just your clothes, but your handbags, your shoes, belts, jewellery, and even your hats, all need a Workout.

Penelope Jane Whiteley has been a Stylist, a designer, and an Attitude coach for many, many years. Let her bring her wisdom, knowledge, expertise and talent to help you change the way you look and create your own Personal  Style

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