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Penelope Whiteley – Motivational Speaker & Educator

Penelope Whiteley is an accomplished performer, having appeared on the stage and television in the UK, Canada and Australia.

She is the author of ‘Hot Stuff: The Ultimate Guide to Style for Women of a Certain Age’, the handbook to style for mature women… and 25 Ways to a Happier Healthier You, as well as Grey Hair & You and several other books (not on her site). She has written for a variety of magazines on topics relating to Women’s Issues, Style, Life Transitions, Attitude, Empowerment for Women on the right side of 50, and Aging Disgracefully.

‘’ is Penelope’s blog, where she regularly posts on  issues that affect the lives of the aging, and especially women. She also has a large and growing following on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Penelope’s speaking topics are positive and uplifting, designed to encourage, support and inspire women to greatness. They incorporate:

▸ women’s issues
▸ work-life balance
▸ exercise & nutrition
▸ mind-body-spirit
▸ self-care
▸ stress management
▸ empowering life changes
▸ life passions
▸ support for forming a different sense of self in the way women dress, communicate, live and love.

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Member of Women's Network Australia
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Aging YoungerBrain Fog ... Dispelling the MythBusiness: Where is Your Life?GOALS 101Lose 10 Kilos in 10 MinutesSex...It's Good For You at Any Age

Aging Disgracefully & Aging Younger

How You Look and How You Feel About How You Look

If you’re over 45 you may already be starting to experience the Sea Change shared by many, many women of a similar age.

It starts gradually with a slight thickening around the waist, and when you actually move into menopause, it can turn into a landslide of what you may perceive as a natural disaster … trust me … nobody will call out the national guard for this.

You may feel alone, isolated, lost, confused and desperate … remember when you were young? “I don’t have a thing to wear” … well now you really don’t, AND you go shopping and cannot find anything you really want to wear.

It seems as though clothing manufacturers, designers and the Fashionistas of the world, all believe aging and style are mutually exclusive!

Not so! This is a time in your life when you can take the tiny bits of fashion that work for you, dare to be a little eccentric, find your own personal style, change your colours and re-invent the way you look …

Brain Fog… Dispelling the Myth

Brain fog affects countless millions of people and almost everyone experiences it from time to time. You may feel spacey, confused, forgetful, lost, tired … as well as have difficulty thinking, concentrating, focussing, and completing tasks.

It’s important to understand that brain for is not limited or exclusive to women of a certain age … you can be afflicted by brain fog at any age and for a variety of reasons.

A lot of people worry that brain fog is early-onset dementia. But it’s important to understand that forgetting your keys is brain fog, but forgetting what to do with them is a red flag.

There are many things you can do to help overcome this challenge and I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that many of them are diet related! And let’s not forget exercise …

If you have experienced brain fog, you’re not alone; you can blame the stress of daily living or “aging”, and feel you have to put up with it, or you can address some or all of the underlying causes, and experience dramatic improvements in your mental acuity by trying some very simple solutions.

Business: Where is Your Life?

Are you in business or do you work for somebody else? Is it your own company, and do you find yourself working more hours than you would like because, like a child, your business is needy and incessantly demanding? Is your work your life?

If you’re one of the many women who started work or started their own business some years ago, are you now at an age at which you are questioning the outcome, or are you 150% satisfied with your life and everything in it.

You perhaps abandoned the idea of family because the corporate ladder beckoned and yet, here you are, in your early forties, with a career that never quite reached the heights to which you aspired and which has stalled … for whatever reason. Or perhaps (and using the same scenario … no family, early forties and the rest), you started your own business, followed your passion and yet, find yourself questioning the results?

Are you starting to ask “what’s it all about?” and “what have I really achieved?” because you now feel a lack … you’re not even sure what it is … it’s just there.

Goals 101

As we mature and move into our third age, we are frequently beset by worry and doubt. We ask ourselves who are we, what have we achieved and accomplished, what is our true value, why do we find it so hard to abandon the only-perfection-will-do attitude?

It’s a time for you to take stock and congratulate yourself on your achievements so far, celebrate them and decide what it is you want to do for the next 30, 40 or even 50 years.

It’s time for you to find a new passion, or re-kindle an old one, and decide what your goals are for the future.

Now is the time for you to decide if you want a new career, if you want to turn a hobby into a passion, if you want to review and perhaps re-work your relationships. Know what your steps are and know how to apply them to all aspects of your life.

Goals 101 will help you do just that …

Lose 10 Kilos in 10 Minutes

Not literally! But yes, you can look 10 kilos lighter in 10 minutes by some subtle tweaking to your style.

If you’re over 45 you may well be experiencing, or starting to experience, some of the physical changes that begin in peri-menopause and will continue until you decide to step in and take control.

You will have experienced the lack of suitable clothing available for women moving into mid-life unless you want to pay a fortune, look like Granny or a sad version of your 18 year old daughter.

And you probably don’t have a personal stylist on tap who can tell you how to dress your new shape. You probably don’t even know what your shape is any more?

And what colours can you wear? And what about your hair issues? And why can’t you find a 3-way mirror so you can really see what you look like? Do you really want to see what you look like?

If you’re really anxious about the way you feel you look, this is the workshop for you … you will learn what your body shape is nowadays and you will learn how to dress it, and feel hot, sexy and comfortable!

Each person receives individual attention during the course so bring your questions along.

Sex…It’s Good For You at Any Age

If you’re there already, you will already know that there is no way to predict if you will be affected by hot flashes/flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbances or a drop in your sex drive … but a lowered libido seems to be one of the most distressing challenges women of a certain age may face.

Of course, there is research that shows a direct correlation between menopause and lowered libido, and there is an equal amount of research that shows there is NO correlation between menopause … blah, blah, blah

If you’re a woman whose sex life has been affected, you may be looking for a solution, and you may feel uncomfortable talking about it with your doctor or your husband or partner.

A woman’s sex drive is a complex thing. It’s affected by physical and hormonal changes in the body, as well as emotions. As women get older, many find that they’re not in the mood for sex as much as they used to be. And even if they are in the mood, changes in the body, such as vaginal dryness and pain during sex, can make it difficult …

Every woman is different and every woman has different experiences. If you’re looking for an opportunity to share and find some answers … this is a warm, safe and comfortable environment (closed if you prefer … i.e. no pix and the like) where you can have a good laugh and work out how to get your mojo back …

Penelope regularly speaks at various organisation and is now running workshops online and in the UK

Great presentation last Monday & we are keen to have you back at Richmond (Rotary Club).
Trevor Pang
Penelope was a speaker at our Rotary meeting in April. She spoke about Aging Disgracefully and Aging Younger; her presentation was informative and entertaining, She is a very good speaker and motivates people to do new things. She is fun to listen to as well. Rotary Club Caulfield.
Sophie Potasz