Just Write the Damn Book Introduction

If you are desperate to write a book and haven’t done so, or if you started a book and never finished it, you’re in the right place! This is where you will find a lot of the information you need to get started.

This course was originally the 21 Day challenge to Writing Your Book until I discovered people don’t want to take that long to learn the process. What you have now is a downloadable course you can do at your own speed.

Why would you listen to me? I have experience … I am a speaker, a coach/mentor and a successful published author with 4 best-selling books to my name.

This course, Just Write the Damn Book, came about because, working with women over 50 as I do, I lost count of the number of times I heard “Oh I’d love to write a book”, or “Oh I started a book”, from which point the conversation went nowhere. My reply was always “So why don’t you”, or “what happened?”. Hence the reason for “Just Write the Damn Book!” and this course.

As The 21 Day Challenge to Write Your Book“, it became obvious over time that changes were necessary. The changes were made and the new title was chosen.

The course is a one-time download.

There are 3 parts to the programme and these are all downloaded at once. In other words, you’re not waiting until the following week to download the next episode. If you work quickly, this is a huge advantage because it allows you to rocket through the process. If you don’t work quickly it’s still a huge advantage because you won’t feel overwhelmed with the time-constraints of worrying when the next part of the course is going to arrive in your Inbox..

The rate at which you follow the programme and get started, and finished, is entirely up to you!

Yes, there is a lot of information here; take your time and work through it all at your own pace; slowly or quickly, the choice is yours.

When you have finished your book and are ready to create the Amazon file, the epub file and the printed book, we’re here to steer you in the right direction.

In the meantime, contact us our Facebook page Just Write the Damn Book, if you’re having any problems.

So, without further ado …

Do you dream of writing a book?
Are you a story teller?
Do you want to turn your stories into a book?
Do you want to share family history with future generations?
Do you have a business you would like to give more exposure and visibility?
Have you always wanted to call yourself a Published Author?
Do you want to discover some new and special meaning in your life?
Has it become too difficult not to write?

If you answered “Yes” to more than one of those questions, then the next questions are:

Why haven’t you written your book?
Why did you start your book and leave it unfinished?

The answer may be:

You don’t know where to start … do you?
You don’t feel you  have enough knowledge or creativity to write a book that others would pay to read?
You’re nervous about dealing with proof reading, cover design, the printing process, agents and publishers?

Follow the lessons provided in the course and you will have written a book before you know it. When you’re ready for the next step, just let us know and we can embark on the hand-holding part of the exercise.

Just write the damn book!