The Top 3 things our Attitude needs to abandon over 55

We are inundated nowadays, not just with anti-aging pieces but with ideas on how to stop the aging process. Whatever these people are selling, it isn’t going to work.  It’s all about the Attitude … We can slow the aging process but the biggest advantage we can give ourselves is to acquire the right Attitude. An […]

No: Quick, Simple and Easy. You just have to learn how to say it!

Why do so many women, often at about 50 years of age, lose the inability to say No without making excuses or providing an explanation? Are we so indoctrinated with the belief that our purpose is to serve others? Do we not understand that unless we serve ourselves first, we lose the ability to serve […]

Does Your Self-Esteem Match Your Self-Confidence?

Often we meet a woman, or even a group of women, who seem to have everything. They are attractive, smart, intelligent and sassy. Which is why it comes as such a shock to discover they have low self-esteem. The exterior is a tour de force presentation of brimming self-confidence and chutzpah.

Becoming Me!

This is something I wrote in 2012, about becoming me, at the request of someone else; it was published somewhere, although I can’t remember where! I find it interesting to read and I hope you do too. Becoming anything is important; becoming yourself, and not what you’re expected to be,  is vital …

Age Appropriate Dressing! Creating your own Style.

Dressing your age, dressing age appropriately, is something that strikes fear into the hearts of many women because, of course, we don’t want to look like Mutton dressed as Lamb, we don’t want to look like granny and we do want to look sensational! We want to change the way we dress to reflect the […]