An Oasis in the Fashion Desert …

Women of a certain age, who feel 18 but no longer look 18, find themselves in a desert when it comes to clothing they want to wear. Penelope Jane Whiteley, long a proponent of fabulous clothing for women of a certain age, believes she has solved the problem by creating her own label. “Women with […]

Menopause, self-confidence and instant gratification…

The combination of physical changes and emotional stress that may be due to menopause, often cause disastrous effects on the self-confidence of baby boomer women. Penelope Jane Whiteley of Aging Disgracefully says “There are four tricks women of a certain age can use to improve their self-confidence … instantly” “For women who are feeling less […]

“Only fashion fades. Style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

And creating a new personal style is key for Baby Boomer women unable to find anything to wear.. We are constantly bombarded with photos of celebrities, well over 45, looking impossibly glamorous.”Says Penelope Jane Whiteley of Aging Disgracefully “Can the average woman emulate the look? Not likely; they have neither the time orthe money.” She […]

The Avengers … in mid-life

Baby boomer women, as part of their mid-life transition, should step into a costume, step into their power and take on the world … Penelope Jane Whiteley, Aging Disgracefully expert and Queen of mid-life make -over, believes this is a necessity if the world is to be saved from political correctness, the death of common […]