Diet with 3 of the Best Weight Loss Programs

There have been a couple of occasions in my life when I have been what I consider to be fat. My idea of weight loss was trying diets like “The Israeli Army Diet”; if you tried it, you will remember it was a 10-day diet; for a reason! But, as a woman over 55, losing […]

Brain Muscle: strengthening and expanding your brain capacity as you age

We all understand nowadays that it is vital for a good aging process to stay mentally and socially active, and to exercise the brain as if it were a muscle. We also understand there are a variety of brain games in magazines, newspapers, crossword books and online. They are something we should all try and […]

Supplement CoQ10: Should you be taking CoEnzyme Q10?

We all know the necessity of supplements in our diets and especially as we age. We need to ensure we have the full complement of those nutrients which we are unable to produce, or synthesise as well as we could, or are lacking in our diets. One of those is CoQ10; also known as ubiquinone […]

Shower: is that’s what’s Causing Your Dry Skin?

Do you really need to immerse yourself in water as often as you do? Water contains a variety of chemicals, including sodium chloride, potassium chloride, citric acid and chlorine dioxide, all of which contribute to dry skin; something to which we are prone as we age. Of course, there are some countries where the water […]

What’s Good About Aging for Women? How we Can Make it Better

What’s good about aging for women? I know, for some of us it’s a really difficult question to answer; it depends on the weather, or what’s happening or who we’re with, or who we’re not with, whether we feel fat, is it a good hair day, and many other small but important mood changers.