Writing: it’s not really a Masochistic Process. It just feels that way!

It isn’t masochistic. Really. It just feels that way because when you start writing your book you are suddenly faced with a mine of unknowns which can be difficult to come to terms with; also, you had no idea there was so much preparation to do or that it would be such hard work!


□ You’ve always wanted to write a book
□ Inside you lies the ability to write your book on a topic that’s important to you
□ You have everything it takes to write, publish and profit from writing your book … you just need a little hand-holding

You may have started a book and struggled in the past and, as a result, you don’t think of yourself as a “good” writer. You get yourself hung up on grammar, spelling, or syntax or anything vaguely tricky for you.

Writing a book is difficult!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “I have an idea, I’m going to write a book” and then not seen it happen, I’d be a wealthy woman! A lot of people don’t write a book because it is extremely difficult. You often have to force yourself to sit down and;

□ brainstorm
□ write
□ edit
□ rewrite
□ edit
□ cut
□ add
□ rewrite
□ workshop
□ rewrite

and rewrite some more, until you have some 35,000+ words. It’s gruelling work. More people can’t do it than can so if you can, give yourself a rousing cheer!

Editing is really painful …

When you are writing, you put your heart and soul into the words and ideas you commit to paper; getting rid of any of them is very painful. It’s often called “Killing your Babies”; whether you’re writing a book or a script or whatever you choose, if it doesn’t work within the context, then it’s not right for your book. It has to be cut.

“Killing Your Babies” refers to having to edit out something you love to make the story/book/script better. It sucks, and as a professional writer, it is one of the hardest things to do. When you write, you become attached to everything … an idea, a character, a line or even just a word. Like an enmeshed parent, you cling like a limpet to whatever you love, and will do anything to keep it …

Deleting your writing, can be incredibly painful. But really, you can get over the pain by the realisation that you’re making your book the best it can be. Anyway, if you employ an editor who answers to your publisher, you probably won’t have a choice!

Everything I have written here applies equally to fiction and non-fiction, except the number of words. A work of fiction, depending on the genre, is usually 80,000 or more. Just Write the Damn Book is about writing a non-fiction book and the course walks you through the whole process; we help you achive your goal line by line.

If you are interested in writing a book or have more questions about the actual process, Contact us!

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