What’s Good About Aging for Women? How we Can Make it Better

What’s good about aging for women? I know, for some of us it’s a really difficult question to answer; it depends on the weather, or what’s happening or who we’re with, or who we’re not with, whether we feel fat, is it a good hair day, and many other small but important mood changers.

As a rule, women are far more willing to embrace change than their male counterparts and are mostly happy to adopt an Attitude; and when better to do that when you’re 50 and up? If you want to be happier, try 25 Ways to a Happier Healthier You Yes. No prizes for guessing It contains 25 Ways to become a healthier and happier you …

By 50 and up, the majority of women have also developed the ability to acknowledge and practice gratitude.

Enhancing your Inner Beauty

I have to say that women 50 and up have learned to enhance their inner beauty through a variety of alternatives; yoga, meditation, exercise, good diet, all of which translates to an exterior glow (yes, we can still glow after 50, and I’m not talking about hot flushes!). Part of this glow is created by change and the understanding of how important it is to accept responsibility for their life and let go of past hurts and perceived injuries.

The benefits of yoga are immense, especially as we age so why not give it a whirl?! Try The New Yoga for People Over 50 or Yoga: Your Guide to Enhancing Body, Mind, and Spirit in Midlife and Beyond  by Lilias!, which incorporates meditation.


Smile … nothing is more beautiful than a smile. At any age. It raises your energy and the energy of everything and everybody around you.

Buy some whitening toothpaste! Or use some 100% natural  Majestic Pure Teeth Whitening with Coconut Charcoal; much better than bleach and other chemicals.


Laughter really is the best medicine. It:

□ boosts the immune system
□ increases energy
□ diminishes pain
□ protects you from the damaging effects of stress
□ triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel- good happy-making chemicals.
□ protects the heart by improving the function of blood vessels and increasing blood flow

Perhaps either (or both) of these will make you laugh out loud! George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya! and/or Hancock’s Half Hour, Series 6: 14 episodes of the classic BBC Radio comedy series They do me!

What Advantages of Aging will we Experience

Surprisingly there are quite a few; this is just a short list:

□ The ability to say what we like, when we like
□ The abandonment of political correctness
□ Saying NO
□ Freedom; for whatever we choose
□ Authenticity
□ Eccentricity
□ Sexiness
□ True beauty

What do you see as the advantages of aging? Could it be the ability to be happier? Read my book, 25 Ways to a Healthier Happier You to learn the connection between your health and your happiness!

In our mothers era, women were old at 50 and they were happy to fade into obscurity and “grannydom” because there was very little else on offer. Today, if we choose, we can wear eye-lash extensions (!) and behave outrageously … in some places it’s almost de rigeur!

As aging women, we are more beautiful than we have ever been and it’s time we acknowledged and owned the fact … we must accept how powerful we are, use our strength wisely and recognise our authentic self.

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman with self-confidence … but a woman of a certain age with self confidence … ?!

Are there advantages to aging? What are they for you? What is better for you now than previously?


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