Travel Documents … the essentials, the non essentials, and the nice to haves!

This is a list I put together some time ago and was surprised by the number of “nice to haves” that I thought of  … most of them being items I wished I had had at some time in my nomadic life … and didn’t! This seems to be a pretty comprehensive list of Travel Documents. If you can think of something I have missed, let me know …

Heading out soon? Not heading out for a while? No matter. Print the list and keep it somewhere safe in case of need.

The essentials, non-essentials and nice-to-have …

□ Passport
□ Emergency contact (keep it handy)
□ Plane or train tickets and passes (keep them handy too)
□ Student or senior card (they may be helpful in another country)
□ Health insurance card and contact number
□ Personal travel insurance (essential)
□ Requisite travel visas
□ Extra photos for visas along the way (just in case)
□ Money (a little local currency in small denominations is essential for when you arrive; you can change more later)
□ Other forms of payment: credit cards, debit cards, prepaid credit cards
□ International vaccination certificate if you’re going somewhere it’s needed
□ Guidebooks (unless you’re an adventurer or are happy to pick up one of the 5 million local maps)
□ Travel journal or notebook and a glue stick (to stick cards and other interesting things into your journal or notebook), plus sticky tape
□ Map app (essential)
□ International driver’s licence as well as your regular driver’s licence
□ Emergency phone numbers, including embassy contacts in each country
□ Next of kin contacts
□ The address and number of your hotel in case you get lost
□ A list of local contacts (friends, tourist offices or anyone else you might want to contact)
□ Copies of all documents/important papers (keep them separate from the originals). Send them to yourself on email and keep them on a USB
□ Travel money belt … if you feel it necessary

This will help you be more organised and better prepared for the day you finally decide to go. Yes, I did say finally; there seem to be an awful lot women champing at the bit! So many of them are over 50 … GO GIRLS … GO!

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