The Top 3 things our Attitude needs to abandon over 55

We are inundated nowadays, not just with anti-aging pieces but with ideas on how to stop the aging process. Whatever these people are selling, it isn’t going to work.  It’s all about the Attitude …
We can slow the aging process but the biggest advantage we can give ourselves is to acquire the right Attitude. An Attitude that will help us abandon the three most damaging things we saddle ourselves with …

So, other than our diet, our exercise and, our Attitude we need to learn to give up, let go, banish, abandon (whatever suits you) the 3 things we all seem to hang on to … it’s not easy …

The top 3 top items you need to decide to keep or not.

I        Hanging on to friends/acquaintances/family

The #1 reason we hang on to family members and friends is usually fear-based. The fear of being alone. It’s a legitimate and understandable fear, especially as we age. But fear does nothing to help your attitude.

I’m talking about family who find it hard to acknowledge your existence and friends who no longer share your values. There isn’t a bridge anywhere that can span the chasm between you and these people. Even conversation is difficult.

It can sometimes feel similar to being a child or a teenager. We measure, and are measured, by the number of people in our circle. Why? What difference does it make to our lives? Does it really matter if you have 25 friends on Facebook or 25,000. It doesn’t. Unless you’re in business.

Take a long hard look at the people around you. How many are hangers-on and how many contribute to your well-being. Because once you reach a certain age, anybody/everybody in your life needs to contribute; we no longer have the luxury of time to spend on those who continue to take and offer nothing in return …

Worrying about what others think

I always remember my Grandmother saying “While they’re talking about you, they’re leaving somebody else alone”. A pithy grandma-like-statement that rings truer than true the older I get. Such a pity we don’t understand this when we’re young. And why do so few of us have the attitude our Grandmas had?!

We all understand that while we’re busy worrying about what others think of us, of our dress, of our behaviour, of our hair, they’re actually busy getting on with their own little lives. In other words, we credit them with way too much interest in anybody other than themselves!

Stop keeping things for “best”

We are here for so little time, use everything! You don’t even know if the day will come when you can use your best.  What if that day never comes?! PLEASE … don’t save anything.

If you really can’t bring yourself to use the silk scarf that’s been sitting in your drawer wrapped in tissue paper for longer than you care to remember, ask yourself “who am I saving this for”? If you want it to go to someone special when you die add a clause in your will; the beneficiary will treasure the scarf as you have. Or not … you just don’t know!

If you love it … wear it, use it or give it to someone else who loves it

Nobody is perfect and nobody is completely happy; you’re not alone in that. But, if you truly believe that to be kind is better than to be right, you’re on the right track to acceptance of and love for yourself AND creating the right Attitude.

This is your life. Go and live it … with the people you want …

Do you have friends and family that share nothing with you? Are you able to move on and find people with the same values? How do you make new friends?

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