Stress – 10 + 2 Ways to Beat it and Learn to Relax

We often feel stress. Sometimes for no reason except the one we have created in our heads.We all know stress is physically, mentally and emotionally dangerous. You only have to think of the headache, jaw ache and shortness of breath when you clench your teeth!

But there are some quick and simple ways to minimise your stress. Take a look at 25 Ways to a Happier Healthier You to learn more … or continue reading the blog!

Stop! Life is not an endurance race …

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare! Half the things on your list for today will probably wait until tomorrow and they may have to because you’re probably trying to fit too many things into the day. Make sure you get 6 – 8 hours of good sleep every night and if you want a rest during the day take one. The only person who can stop you getting the rest you need … is you.


You do not have to become a gym bunny. exercise is anything from mopping the floor to a 2 mile run. If it makes you breathe harder and raises your heart rate, it’s doing the job.If you work (or not), 10 minutes brisk walking lifts your mood and raises your spirit. Take a half hour at lunch time to step out into the fresh air … sun or not.

Focus on the Positive

It’s easy to be negative, especially when you’re surrounded by people constantly down in the dumps. Shake off their mood by looking at happy things; the trees, the sun, photos of friends, children playing in the park. Read 25 Ways to a Happier Healthier You”. Guaranteed to help you out of the doldrums.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Don’t be afraid of failing. If you do fail the world will still turn, the sun will still shine and the universe will continue! Be realistic with your goals and focus on your strengths. Acknowledge your successes; there are more than you think!


Laughter really is the best medicine and studies constantly show that healthy physical changes occur when you laugh. Go to Laughter Yoga classes … Take a look at 25 Ways


A lot of people say “keep a stress diary”. Why? Are you not going to exacerbate the stress by keep running the story? Possibly. But, if you save all the things that make you stressed during the day until you can write them in your journal, you’ll be surprised how many of them will disappear before you even open the journal!

Accept any social support you’re offered

Talk to the people you know are there to support you … it always helps to share the load.


Notice yourself and others around you; notice you pant a lot of the time and so do most other people. Because you’re breathing from the top or middle of the chest instead of belly breathing. Look at a baby … perfect belly breathing. The benefits of belly breathing are extensive and include:

□ An efficient oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange
□ Relaxation – when practised regularly
□ Relief or prevention of symptoms commonly associated with stress.
□ Lower blood pressure
□ Relief of headaches
□ An alleviation of the symptoms of depression and anxiety

So practice breathing. Go to Yoga or Qigong or meditate. I find Qigong wonderful but then I love all things Chinese Healing and the balance of energy; read the book.

There is an excellent chapter on all this in 25 Ways

Will the world stop turning?

Whatever it is that worries you and causes you stress, is it likely that the world stop turning if nothing happens to change it? Does worrying and feeling stressed change it any way? No? Then stop worrying. Learn to minimise the problem and it will lose it’s power over you …

Practice Gratitude

Keep a Gratitude Book and start writing 5 things daily, for which you are truly grateful. Over a short period of time, your life will start to change in small ways. Writing once a day may extend into twice a day and the things for which you are grateful will expand as well.

Music, music, music

Studies have shown that classical music is especially soothing and can lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, calm your emotions and perform a variety of other amazing functions. The body becomes more relaxed and the brain becomes more focussed … music is a great learning tool!

Other studies have shown that rock music (especially head-banging/heavy rock music!) can actually destroy the symmetry between the two sides of the brain, which can cause the body to shut down over periods of time.

It’s important to know both sides of the story!

Eat well

I really do have to recommend 25 Ways to a Happier Healthier You on this topic. It contains everything you need to know relating to diet, stress and happiness and provides you with a comprehensive list of the happy making foods. Click here for a list of 7 … the rest are in the book.

Well, that’s it. If you are unable to lift yourself out of the doldrums then perhaps you need to rethink everything. Including your lifestyle and the people in your life. Is it time to find the root problem? Here at Aging Disgracefully we have a variety of programmes we can offer to help you climb that mountain and slide down the other side! Contact us here for more information. We’re here to help.

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