Red Shoes, Charms and Bling Accessories for the Woman 50+

I believe  that every woman over 50 needs a pair of red shoes, some charms, either for a bracelet or for around the neck or just as a keyring, PLUS some bling. There are many women who say they won’t wear bling but when it’s offered to them … different story!

So this is not the type of blog you expect from me but a change is as good as a rest and I am devoting it to accessories of a different type. No necklaces or bracelets or things for the hair; not even a tiara.

Accessories not really classified as accessories

Keychains, Keyrings, Charms

These are all key rings, or just plain charms (did I say plain?!), and the one thing they have in common are Red Shoes. Aging Disgracefully’s logo is red shoes so it seemed appropriate. These are all great and my personal favourites are theRhinestone Stiletto Crystal Keychain (red) and the Canvas sneaker Keyring (Red). I also like these little numbers …Fashion Lady’s High Heel Shoe Keychain (Red)


This is Lady’s High Heel Shoe with Tassel and this is High Heel Shoe for keychain . If you like the one in the top right hand corner, this is it … Stiletto High Heel Shoe Keychain

Bag Holders

I love these. I hate putting my bag on the floor because you really don’t know how clean it is (it’s a floor!), and on tables because it’s rude, and certainly hanging off the back of a chair for (possibly) some light-fingered individual to slide it off and walk away …

Keeping your bag on a hanger keeps it clean and safe. These are three I think are particularly super!

Purse Hook Colorful Diamond   4 different colours in the one pack … you can ring the changes!

2 Pack Foldable Table Purse Hook So cute! It’s a pair of flip-flops … love it …

Cute Cat Handbag Hanger  My absolute favourite … adorable little blue pussy cat!

Coin Purses

Personally, I love a little coin purse with some bling. As much as anything it makes it easier to find in your bag! It feels sparkly and it glitters at the bottom of your bag and is easy to spot when you’re groping around …

These are a couple I found … Double Color Sequins Coin Purse  and Victoria’s Secret Bling Clutch Set  which I especially like!

Handbags, Purses, or plain ol’ Bags … with Bling!

Being a great believer in small cross-body bags, I have found a few that work well; they are interesting enough to be fun and bland enough to go with anything!  This one is really pretty; a good size without weighing you down Small Shoulder Crossbody Bag for Women (sliver) and silver looks so nice in summer …

This is a personal favourite! So perfect for the long, hot days of summer … Womens Elegant Crossbody Bag … and more bling than you can imagine …

I really love this one too! I can see it floating around Hawaii or somewhere round the Mediterranean or even a Carribean island … yes! Women Lattice Pattern Metal Bag Cross Body

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more conventional, this Dior-like bag is perfect and is in some great colours … Quilted Crossbody Bag with Chain

I’m sure you can find something here that tickles your fancy. The idea is to step outside your square and choose an item that makes you feel different about yourself when you use it. I keep saying this isn’t a rehearsal so if you’re going to do something unusual … do it … now!

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