7 Tips for Preserving your Skin

Photograph courtesy of Giles Douglas via Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/orangelimey/4937772/)

As I watch women in my age group (any woman over 50 is considered to be my age group), at department store counters and as they leave the safety of the spa or the beautician, I wonder two things: Do they ever count the monetary cost of the items they buy, and do they ever […]

Supplement CoQ10: Should you be taking CoEnzyme Q10?

We all know the necessity of supplements in our diets and especially as we age. We need to ensure we have the full complement of those nutrients which we are unable to produce, or synthesise as well as we could, or are lacking in our diets. One of those is CoQ10; also known as ubiquinone […]

No: Quick, Simple and Easy. You just have to learn how to say it!

Why do so many women, often at about 50 years of age, lose the inability to say No without making excuses or providing an explanation? Are we so indoctrinated with the belief that our purpose is to serve others? Do we not understand that unless we serve ourselves first, we lose the ability to serve […]

Colour: Have Yours Changed as You’ve Got Older?

One of the things that can change as we get older, is our colours. For most of us, our colours change with each decade. What you could wear when you were 40 you often cannot wear when your 50 or 60. BUT, you may well be able to wear it again when you hit 70!