Nobody said it would be like this! Aging is acceptance and camouflage.

For some reason, and I know a lot of you are the same, I just assumed that aging meant changing my hair or my style or perhaps using different make-up, as a matter of choice! How wrong I was to think any of this process would be of my choosing. No no; the truth is that it has become about acceptance and camouflage.

Most of what happened to me began in the mid-fifties, and I confess to being blessed because a lot of the things that do/can happen, by-passed me until I hit my early to mid-sixties, at which point the flood gates opened.

Walking down the street one day, I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window. Looking back at me was my mother! I loved my mother dearly but she had always been ‘old’ to me and here I was looking like her which could mean only one thing …

And that was the first of the wake-up calls.

The Aging Fairy

This is the fairy (or is she a witch/bitch) who creeps into your room at night when you’re fast asleep and sprinkles aging powder on your thighs and your bottom and your arms and anywhere else guaranteed to cause you the maximum angst.

Waking up and trotting into the bathroom (perhaps you stagger?) and seeing what can only be called cottage cheese thunder thighs is not what you expected! Nor are the bingo wings or the jowls or the grey hair.

On the other hand, looking at others as they aged before our eyes, did we really think our aging process was going to be different?! Probably.

Weight, health and diet.

If you’re like me and have never had a weight problem, except for pregnancy which doesn’t count, finding yourself with a tyre (or tire) around your middle is just unacceptable. Where did it come from and how do you return it …?!

Bursting your bubble, raining on your parade, and all things on a depression scale of 1 to a gerzillion, you’re stuck with it … even the skinniest women, once they reach an age they try not to acknowledge, will acquire that little thickened waist. For some of use, it’s more than a “little thickened”; it’s more a ginormous lump that we sooooo do not want.

What happened to the young, slim and incredibly gorgeous girl who lived in inside us? The one full of hope and longing and passion … where did she go?

Blasting the Aging Fairy back where she belongs …

Where is that exactly?  I’d like to say “elsewhere” but in all honesty, what has happened is that your hormones (or lack thereof!), your age and your slowing metabolism have caught up with you.

I know … it can be so distressing.

If you really want the woman back where she belongs I’m afraid the only real solution is Diet and Exercise. It’s boring, and you’ve heard it all before; but perhaps it’s true? So many people tell the same story …

Your Diet Basics

Get plenty of antioxidants. A diet rich in antioxidants will prevent free-radical damage. So enjoy a glass of red wine and eat lots of berries. Chocolate works too; in moderation!

Supplement with vitamin C … a real, organic, non-GMO product such as
Garden of Life Vitamin C – Whole Food Supplement, Vegan

Supplement with Co-enzyme Q10 … Garden of Life make an excellent whole food supplement  Garden of Life RAW CoQ10 or you can try Ubiquinol, Jarrow Formulas Ubiquinol which is an activated form of CoQ10.

How do you feel about the changes that have happened? What would you like to get back? Are you prepared to do something drastic to make yourself feel better?

Let us know what you think about your own personal Ageing process …







  1. Karin says

    Hello! I’m happy to read this article! For
    Me, the answer to feeling good now, post menopause is exercise! And traveling! Seeing
    The world from a different point of view is always fabulous!

    • Penelope Whiteley says

      Hello Karin! Great to hear … exercise, eating ‘fresh’ and definitely travel are top of my list too! Where do you like to go?!

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