Less Is More! Why Older Women need Formula Dressing and Why it Works.

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If you are a woman who follows the blogger, Instagram and Twitter fashionistas of the world, you have probably gained the impression that you need to wear something new and different every single day … wrong!!! But formula dressing is good and works well if you’re 55+ …

Wearing something different every day probably won’t work for you, or most people you know. Not the least being because of lack of space, lack of time and lack of money!

Many years ago I worked out my own personal style and continue to wear what suits me and what works for me. Although it may not be fashionable,. it is stylish; which is more important than fashion.

Although my body has changed shape with the onset of the years (and how!)), I use the same formula but vary it, to suit my new body type. I’m sometimes challenged to decide if I’m an Apple or a Rectangle … I’m most definitely not an Hourglass any more. This is something we all face and it can cause considerable consternation!

What’s your Formula?

Do you have a formula and do you stick to it … or do you play swings and roundabouts?!

Do you still dress as you did 20 years ago or have you moved on? How about your hair; still the same still it was 20 years ago?

You know, a formula to use for dressing yourself works for most people and alleviates the pain and suffering of the “I haven’t got a thing to wear “ syndrome.

It has other benefits too:

Money Saving

You will no longer be overspending on clothes that aren’t right for you just for the sake of buying something new

Buy what is right for you, that will co-ordinate with the rest of your wardrobe (I’m a great fan of mix and match), and is expensive enough not to break the bank but that will provide you with plenty of wear, When in full flight, you should be able to dress it up so it looks as though it cost a fortune!

Make sure you like it!!

Avoiding Waste

When you buy clothes that have never and never will do you any favours they either go to the local op shop (which is good), or to landfill (which is so bad I’m almost speechless).

If your wardrobe is bulging at the seams, how many of the clothes in there do you really wear? A waste of time, space and money!

Do the Wardrobe Workout; find out how by clicking here

Finding extra time!

You probably don’t have the time, but it’s more likely you don’t have the inclination, to spend hours shopping and putting together different outfits. Time is precious and you need a simple and convenient way to get dressed. Once you’ve done it and see how easy it is, it will be easy for you to keep yourself looking fresh and chic!

Not sure how? Contact us and let’s set up a FREE 20 minute Skype session … 

Being Comfortable, Stylish and Happy.

Do more of what works rather than trying something new all the time … if you’re not trying to be fashionable or especially creative, and are simply trying to look chic and stylish, you will feel good about yourself.

But of course, trying something new can be very exciting!

The formula is simple …

and may seem very basic; it’s supposed to be … and depending on your body shape, you will need to make sure you have these 10 items:

■ A white t-shirt with to-the-elbow length sleeves
■ A pair of Boot-cut jeans (unless your legs are slim!); high-rise is usually better and more comfortable
■ A plain white shirt with or without a button-down collar (your choice)
■ A black jacket; single breasted with a little shape works best
■ Black pumps if your feet can still manage heels; lengthen those legs
■ Crew neck(round neck) sweater
■ A wrap dress; for everybody but not an Apple!
■ A skirt … pencil or otherwise
■ A trench coat or leather jacket
■ A pair of sneakers or ankle boots or both (I’d go for both!)

Yes, with these basic items you can dress stylishly and in great comfort every day, especially when you choose the right accessories, and if you’re not sure whether a pencil skirt is for you or not, you can always get your own style booklet.

For Pears click here
For an Hourglass click here
For a Rectangle click here
For an Apple click here

Are these your basic wardrobe items? Is there something missing from the list? Personally, I doubt if I could live with one pair of shoes and one pair of boots … how about you? If you’d like to know what goes with what, let me know and I shall be happy to help …

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