Just Write the Damn Book … Set Your Passion Free

I have always loved to write … and read! As a child, getting me to take my nose out of a book, or stop scribbling stories on pieces of paper, was a thankless task. My school reports may not have been particularly flattering about my behaviour (!), but there was always much praise for my ability with a pencil and I always won the essay prizes … along with a Star Badge and a Deportment Badge … what a pain I must have been!

Not a lot has changed really, except I no longer enter Essay competitions. I still write in pencil on large pieces of blank paper (I hate lines), never use a rubber and often cannot read what I have written (too many years in medical school), which is of no matter because I know what I have written. You could say that writing is a major passion of mine.


I have been working with women of a certain age for about 20 years now and I love it … women over 50 are such delights. So much knowledge, so much wisdom, so much expertise, so much courage and so beautiful; if only they recognised their power and abilities and achievements.

The most common remark, statement, question, utterance, pronouncement, or even off-the-cuff comment I hear is:

□ “I wish I could write a book”
□ “I’d love to write a book”
□ “I don’t know where to begin (writing a book)”
□ “I’m not smart enough”
□ “I started a book and abandoned it because I didn’t know what to do next”
□ “I have no idea how to market a book”
□ “Who would buy a book written by me?!”

In fact, I heard it so often I decided to start my own course to teach people how to write a book, or to help them finish writing. It’s a course designed specifically for those of you who have reached a point at which not writing, is unthinkable.


There are many, many writing courses out there. Some are excellent and some are not. But you may not have what you want at the end; a finished book with your name declaring you to be a future published author.  You want a way to write your own book within your own time-frame; click on this link and see how you will do it …

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, or even a script, the methodology  is the same. If you don’t know the methodology you can read about it or you can watch videos, go to classes, attend a writing workshop/retreat, do the course Just Write the Damn Book, or struggle along on your own.


  • that nobody will like it
  • nobody will buy it
  • others will think their silly
  • they’re just not able to write!

If any of these apply to you, it’s important to remember all excuses are equal


something that provided the opportunity to …

  • work out what you really want to write about
  • who you’re writing for
  • who is your market
  • your core process
  • and all the other facets to book writing.

This is what we have created for you all …

Contact us here to register your interest; complete the form. We will contact you with pricing and the information you need to get started.


  1. says

    Can’t work out how to complete the form online but please add me to expression of interest re writing the damn book – depends when, how long for etc but please keep me posted Thank you so much, Bridget Fraser

    • Penelope Whiteley says

      Sorry about that Bridget! I’ll check it out and see if I can find the problem. In the meantime., I have just put together a new flyer for the course and will make sure you get it … Ciao, Penelope

    • Penelope Whiteley says

      Hi Bridget, as you’ve probably worked out, technical stuff is not my bailiwick! I never worked out why it didn’t work, BUT (and this may please you greatly), I am running the course online. It consists of 4 separate sections, plus a workbook, and will be a single download. Finalising it all now and have to wait for the technical side to be finished (not by me!)

  2. Sandra says

    Very imterested on your course, “Write the Damn Book.”

    Thank you.

    • Sandra says

      Lovely texting…so sorry for my “fat fingers.” I left my computer in Montana but will have access to a computer for the course.

      • Penelope Whiteley says

        Hi Sandra,
        Yes, it is an online course and it will be available at the end of the month.
        Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll receive a blow-by-blow progress update!
        Nothing mobile is designed for those of us with fat fingers!!

        • Penelope Whiteley says

          Hi Sandra,
          Just to let you know the course will be officially avaible from 19th September. We seem to have any bugs ironed out now!
          Ciao, Penelope

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