How to find Stress Relief for FRUSTRATION

If I were to sum up the overall emotions of 2018 that seemed to affect us all, I would have to say the loudest scream of anguish was reserved for frustration … the sheer unadulterated frustration of pretty much everything!

John Lennon got it right when he said “Life is what happens when you’re making plans”. In some ways, Plans should be called Spoiler Alerts or mood swing guarantors.

In 2018, almost everyone I knew suffered from issues associated with …

▸ Money
▸ Health
▸ Family
▸ Deaths
▸ Relationships

which are standard for every year we’re alive, but the real difference was the frustration levels!

Lessons Learned

For everybody, it was a year of learning something that enhanced their understanding of themselves (not as commonplace as you would think). For me, it was the futility of allowing everything around me to raise my levels of frustration to apocalyptic levels.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls … FRUSTRATION is a real killer because, along with anxiety, anger, and sadness it increases the body’s BAD responses to stress, such as over-eating, smoking, excess alcohol …

Mentally it may drive you to …

bite your nails – never a good look
gnash your teeth – bad for your jaw
punch walls – ouch!
scream – highly recommended (make sure you’re miles away from other humans)
tear your hair out – NO NO!
punch somebody’s lights out – alas, the Law takes a dim view of this type of behaviour
eat tubs of ice cream

Physically it will contribute, to varying degrees to …

raised blood pressure
heart disease


Frustration is defined as a psychological response to stress; it can be mild to extreme. It depends on the situation!

Is Frustration stress? Not really. It just causes stress to take over your mental, emotional and physical being and combine them all in an Adrenaline-loaded heap.

Anything that leads to stress is a killer because STRESS KILLS. Let’s make no mistake about this … STRESS KILLS

Overcoming Stress

Often, you’re unaware your stress levels are on the rise until you find your impatience and tolerance are brought to their knees and your frustration is out of control.

The solution is to find some way of lowering your Adrenaline and Cortisol levels which are a direct result of stress. There are many, many options available to you and just a few are …

Visualisation … try Vivid Visualisation
Yoga … 8 different workouts for women over 50
Walk the dog
Walk somebody else’s dog! If you don’t have your own.
Breathe … like it’s your last! The Oxygen Advantage
Laugh. Go to Laughter Yoga or similar or read something like Laughter Therapy
Smile. No matter how frustrated you’re feeling!

I am also going to recommend my own book … 25 Ways to a Happier, Healthier You because it was written to help overcome stress in simple, inexpensive ways. It offers 25 ways to stop stressing and start living.

How do you lower your stress levels? Do you have a method? Do you meditate or exercise or what?! Please let us know … there may be something new we haven’t tried!

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