Fear. Stopping Your Dream of Viaggi per Donne Travel

One of the things I have observed over the years as a coach and mentor, is that so much of whatever is wrong with the ladies I have worked with is fear-based; if you have a desire to do something, it is your fear that will stop you. So, if you are a woman of a certain age and you feel stuck … read on!

▸ You’re a woman over 50 and you’re fed up.
▸ You feel hopeless, frustrated and tired of doing what is expected of you.
▸ All your life you’ve been places and done things to please others.
▸ You have a burning desire to travel and enjoy life, but you don’t want to travel solo.
▸ Your girlfriends don’t want to go to the places you do and you know you would feel frightened and unsafe travelling alone.

Sounding familiar?

The effects of fear on the brain.

Fear completely changes the way we think and react, and process information. It begins with a frightening experience and ends with your body preparing to protect itself; this is fight or flight mode.

Fear impacts our decision-making and thinking in negative ways. The path of fear, as at a particular event, is a five part, complex path which can leave lasting negative emotions around that initial event, and any future similar events.

You’re here now, which means you had vigilant ancestors who survived. But since their survival and present day society, we have become so good at worrying, we can no longer shut it off. We are drowning in petty grievances and anxiety. If you’d like to read more about this, try The Anxiety Solution or The Worry Cure

So because this is about you and your fear, and your desire to travel, and no longer allowing your fear to control you and stop you doing what you want, ask yourself:

Does fear stop me from living my dream?
Is it fear that stops me from packing a bag and just going?
Fear of the unkown?
Fear of being lost?
Fear of not being understood?
Fear of what other people will say and think?
So many fears …

Fear and previous generations

When I turned fifty, I began to understand what had happened to previous generations at the same age. They were stuck and could see no way out … they did what society dictated and their fear of rocking the boat was greater than anything else …

Is fear stopping you from living your dream?

□ fear of being on a tour that has you leaping on and off buses
□ fear of being on the wrong tour with too many disparate women fear of what other people will say and think
□ fear of not being accepted by others
□ fear of doing the wrong thing

So many fears … but if Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast have always been your dream, step outside your box (or get rid of it) and just do it!

Once you reach a certain age, putting a travel itinerary together for yourself, even if it’s done by a travel agent, can be difficult… so we’ve done it for you!

For ten glorious days you will live, eat, drink, have fun, laugh, make new friends, learn more about yourself than you ever knew, and change!!

You cannot live in Italy for ten days and not change
Yes, you will be given some encouragement to do so, if that’s what you want …

Join us now; all excuses are equal, so make up your mind today, and just do it!

Find out more about Viaggi per Donne.
Complete an Expression of Interest or decide you’re not going to let your fear get in the way of your dreams and complete the Booking Form ….



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    I got to your site through Sixty and Me. I like what I see and want to get your updates.

    • Penelope Whiteley says

      Hi Patricia, Thank you so much; I’m happy you enjoy what you see. To receive reguar updates, click on the red shoes link! Ciao, Penelope

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