Eyebrows: Never Underestimate the Authority of a Well-placed Eyebrow

Your eyes are the window to your soul and your eyebrows are the window frame. Simple huh? So why have you been ignoring those eyebrows?

Perhaps, like many of us, you did the sixties thing of plucking them into oblivion. At that age, did we ever imagine we would be in our fifties and sixties and seventies and desperate for an eyebrow of any description? I don’t think so.

What do we do about this lack of a frame? It’s not as though we can pop down to the local hardware store and buy a one-size-fits-all hairy frame. And it’s not as though they are suddenly going to start growing. Although, saying that, something like the Organys eyebrow and eyelash growth serum is always worth a shot and judging by its popularity, it must do something.

Anyway, we need to approach the lack of eyebrow calmly and sensibly and look at the viable solutions that won’t have us taking a personal loan at the bank.

Natural Methods

Alas, some of these offer no eyebrow growth potential whatsoever. If you want to try them, be my guest! I think Onion juice is my favourite although I would worry about smelling like an onion.

Castor Oil

Contains vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9 acids all of which promote:

□ hair growth,
□ hair thickness and condition,
□ elasticity,
□ improve scalp circulation,
□ nourish hair follicles

You’re supposed to massage it into your eyebrows, wait for a few minutes and then remove it. Does it make hair grow?! Anyway, this Natural Organic product comes with an Applicator Kit.

Coconut Oil

It’s supposed to be good for promoting hair growth and darkening the hair colour. Never having tried it, I can’t say either way. Although I can’t see it working to promote hairy eyebrows … in case it does, this product is a mix of organic coconut oil and castor oil with Applicator.


There is nothing in Vaseline Petroleum jelly that will promote eyebrow growth. It’s a great protector and is good to slick your eyebrow hairs down. Buy some at the local supermarket.

Aloe Vera Gel

We all know Aloe Vera gel will make your hair soft, thick and shiny. It helps heal burns and bites and is always good to have in the medicine chest. You can make your own gel (you need an Aloe plant to do this!). Smooth it on your eyebrows and sleep it off. This may well be a good idea; does it promote growth? Maybe, but Revlon have an Eyebrow Styler which contains Aloe.

Onion Juice

Contains sulphur which promotes thick, lustrous and dense hair growth. There is no scientific evidence to back this up and it seems a very big claim to me. However, you should grind the onion and apply to the area immediately below your eyebrow. Do not wash it off. Just leave it to die when presumably it will just fall off.

Vitamin E Oil

Good for strengthening and thickening hair either as a supplement or in adequate quantities in your diet. You can rub the Natural and Organic oil into your eyebrows.  Or you can add Spinach, Almonds, Avocado and other delicious foods to your diet.


Dab a cotton ball in milk and smooth it across your eyebrows. Leave it overnight. If you see a difference it will be in a few weeks. Milk contains proteins which is why this solution is suggested.


The white contains protein and the yolk contains fat. Mix them together and apply to eyebrows. Rinse off after 15 minutes. Egg is good for conditioning head hair and it probably does the same for eyebrows.

Olive Oil

Include it in your diet OR, massage into your eyebrows.  There is nothing anywhere to indicate it will make your eyebrows and eyelashes grow.

Vitamins B & D

Take as a supplement or get them from your diet. Try Permium Hair Growth which contains everything you need.

Lemon Juice

Rub a slice of lemon over your eyebrows. When you go out, wear sunblock or a hat as lemon juice increases your sensitivity to the sun. Hair growth? I don’t think so!

Fenugreek Seeds

Grind them and rub them on your eyebrows or add almond oil to make a paste and then apply to eyebrows. Supposed to be effective in preventing hair loss and thinning. This was a serious “Oh Puhleez” moment for me … I just don’t buy it!

I did a lot of research on this topic because I know many of you have eyebrow issues. But it seems to me that all of these “products” are dietary and better ingested than applied. I am not convinced that any of them will promote eyebrow hair growth but if you have tried any of them and they have worked, please let us know.

What none of these products will do is activate a “dead” follicle, so if you’re eyebrow hair has died in large clumps, you won’t get any growth from these follicles. Only from those with some potential to respond.

We do know that coconut oil, olive oil and egg are good for adding some condition to head hair. Lemon juice in the sun can lighten your head hair. Taking a bath in milk is great for your skin. Aloe Vera Gel is soothing and healing; inside and out. But do any of these, and the items listed, actually make your eyebrows grow?

There is another article about well-placed eyebrows that consists of the more usual ways of making them look thicker. These are unnatural ways (yup … make-up, tattoos etc!) and consist of:

● Pencil
● Eyebrow cream and brush
● Feathering (hair stroke)
● Microblading
● Semi-permanent tattoo (powder fill)

And if you really want your hair to grow (eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair), read this article on good eating …  Nothing promotes hair growth and good skin better than anti-oxidant nutrition, water and sleep!


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