Does your Self-Esteem Allow You to Feel Posh?

I recently saw, first hand, the different ages of people over 60. I know that statement sounds as though it’s a riddle, but it isn’t. When I talk about different ages, I’m really talking about the mind-set and attitude of people over 60 (especially women), and the different ways in which the way you look and feel are affected by your self-esteem.

Attitude, which as we all know is one of my major causes, creates such a difference in the way people present themselves … from the stylish, intelligent and articulate, to the beige, fearful, and totally lacking in self-esteem. Attitude, or the wrong attitude, can create women who are well over 60 and are still unsure of themselves, and are still living within the expectations of others.

Why do women let this happen? They have a choice.

You know, and I know, that right and wrong are subjective; what you perceive to be right I may perceive to be wrong. This is determined by your Attitude and if there is one thing we can change with impunity, it is our attitude.

So there I am, sitting in a meeting of women in the same age group, wondering why so many seem to feel they are unworthy of the really good things in life. Do you feel the same? Do you feel you are unworthy of the really exciting and adventurous opportunities that are offered? If you are alone, what would it take to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone?

At one stage the subject got around to travel and needless to say, I handed out a flyer for the Under the Tuscan Sun Experience of a Lifetime. With the exception of one lovely woman who said she would not go because she enjoys travelling with her husband still, the greater percentage said they were not posh enoughWhat?

Do you feel you aren’t posh enough for something so luxurious? Where and when did your self-esteem receive such a beating that you would make a statement like that, because that’s what this is … low self-esteem.

This is a serious question … I would really like to know why, if you’re offered the opportunity of a 5-star experience, and you’re on your own and unlikely to get the chance again, you would decide not to go? Please let me know.

This really has nothing to do with money or age … it’s about recognising your true value and realising that you are worthy of anything you choose.

You may not be perfect, but parts of you are a real knock-out!

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