Beauty products that work for the 50+ woman

There are so many beauty products on the market, it’s easy to be confused by what’s available, what will work for you, and what will not work for you! For most of we women of a certain age, it becomes a quest to find creams, lotions and potions that will make our skin look smoother and younger. Something that helps with the saggy bits would be wonderful; if you find it, let me know!

Anyway, this little article is basically about some of my most favourite beauty products; why I use them, and the cost! You may feel inclined to try some of them yourself; if you do, please let us know the effects and benefits you receive.

A concealer and highlighter – Touche Eclat

Yes, you’ve heard me mention this before. I LOVE this product and still haven’t found anything else that quite matches its performance.

What it is and what it does ...

Made by Yves Saint Laurent, it is a concealer and a highlighter. It hides almost any marks and, because of its consistency and texture, lightens the appearance of your skin; especially in the wrinkles. It’s available in several shades and you can even use it for face contouring

When you see it on special, grab it! Although, it’s not overly expensive when you consider it lasts for ages. One of the best beauty enhancers on the market.

YSL Touche Eclat Concealer Radiant Touch

Fabulous foundation – Vichy Dermafinish

Vichy has been around for 80 years. Its products are all powered by the Vichy Thermal Spa Water. Their range of anti-aging skin care is superb and Aqualia is a superb range of  beauty products for any age.

My personal favourite is the Dermafinish foundation. It hides every sun spot or mole or blemish on your face. It hides those you can’t see, which is good news for those of us visually challenged. It contains SPF30. In a variety of shades, it is top of the line in foundations and will provide a perfect finish.

Vichy Dermafinish Corrective Fluid

Beautiful eyebrows – Benefit Gimme brow

This is a tinted eyebrow gel and is FABULOUS! If you were part of the fashion elite back in the 60s, and weren’t we all, you probably have difficulty remembering what they were like. Using this little beauty will give you eyebrows that look real.

It contains teensy microfibres that stick to skin & hairs. Before you know it, you have natural-looking fullness and definition, without the harshness of pencil. Apply using the brush, which is like a mascara wand. Best of all, any errant hairs can be gelled into submission to fall into line with the rest of your hairs. Available in 3 shades; light, medium and dark. Oh, it’s water-proof too so no running …

Benefit Gimme Brow

The best mascara – Kevyn Aucoin mascara

One of the best mascaras around for those of us who are sensitive to mascara; any mascara. Why is it so good? They use a special formula which prevents flakey, hairy bits.

The only other mascara I know that doesn’t contain flakey hairy bits is the old-fashioned cake mascara. I like it! Yes, you can still buy it and Besamé 1920 is one of the best. Marilyn Monroe used it and it has become very popular in Hollywood again. A beauty product of the stars!

But back to Kevyn Aucoin whose innovative protein based formula is infused with bold pitch black pigment. The literature says it shrink wraps onto to each and every lash. It sounds appalling, as though your eyelashes are leftovers destined for a dark corner in the fridge, but it does give separated, thick and curled lashes. Don’t you just love the idea of pitch black eyelashes?!

The brush is specially designed to apply the pitch black pigment without clumping or flaking. It’s smudge resistant, long wearing, and who can go past pitch black?!

Alternatively, have your eyelashes tinted at the beauticians and use a heated eyelash curler like the This has a curved head so is very efficient. Easy to use, they create a wonderful effect. Not a flakey, hairy bit of anything in sight …

Kevyn Aucoin – The Volume Mascara

Enhanced eyelashes – Growth Enhancing Eyelash Serum

I have to say, I have not used one of these. I’m too scared of an allergic reaction! If you have used one, please let us know which beauty range it came from. The result too please; did it work?

This is yet another alternative to the eyelash enhancing process. The name is so long it must be good …  Eyelash Growth Serum

If, like me, your knowledge of GEES is zero to not much more, this is a fascinating article on the subject; it provides 11 of the best eyelash growth serums. As I said, I cannot recommend any as I have never used any! But Instyle is a highly regarded and reputable beauty mag.

These are beauty products I consider to be among the best! There are a lot more, but I’m starting with these because I use them constantly.

Which are your favourite beauty products and why? What do they do to enhance your natural beauty? Is cost a factor? We would love to hear from you on this one …


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