Hot Tips for Hair with Volume – Women 50+

I know I am blessed not having the problem of thinning hair which blights the lives of so many women over 50! But I DO have flat hair, and if I’m honest, I’ve always had flat hair, but it looks so much worse now … because my face is older and my hair is short!

I don’t want curl and I don’t want dead-straight-like-a-piece-of-cardboard-hair either … it doesn’t’ work on over 50 hair and it certainly doesn’t work on short hair; and I know this because? I tried it … I looked like a refugee from The Wizard of Oz.

There are a variety of hair styling tools you can use to create hair with volume, and I am not discounting product, I’m just talking about tools.

Hair dryer 

Hot Rollers 

  • Best Tip: The Conair Ion Shine are especially good, because each velvet wrapped curler is charged with negative ions, which are proven to promote conditioned, shiny, and healthy hair. You’ll definitely have hair with volume.

Curling Tongs

  • Best Tip: John Frieda Loose Curls I like these because it’s impossible to create the tight-perm look … which can happen! It’s very aging …

Flat/Straightening Iron 

  • Best Tip: Hot Tools Professional Flat Iron I like this because it has an 8ft cord (woo hoo!) and round plate edges so you can flip the hair ends in or out.
  • Second Best Tip:  Let your hair air dry the night before or use the lowest setting on your blow-dryer if you didn’t plan ahead; and when you straighten your hair, select the lowest temperature possible that will still give you the straightening effect you desire.

Ceramic Root Straightener

  • Boiling hot Best Tip: If you’re looking for hair with volume and you have short hair, get yourself a Ceramic Root Straightener One of the greatest hair tools invented in the last 20 years … create hair volume via your roots!