Going Grey and Loving It!

You are blessed if you are a woman of a certain age whose hair changes from a colour (any colour!), through very little transition, to Grey. Not for you the trials and tribulations of pepper & salt colouring or the endless decision-making on whether to use highlights or low-lights to enhance your features; choose the wrong combination and you can end up looking like Whistler’s Mother! And not for you the seemingly endless quest for a hairdresser who will really at your face and provide you with a cut, style and colour that take 10 years off your age. No no …

When you have all-over grey hair one of your biggest problems, if you decide to take the short route, is finding somebody who will cut it into a youthful style; something that is edgy and modern.

Avoiding Helmet Head

Of course, when you have grey hair you do have a choice between choosing to colour all over or take the highlights or low-lights path. Opting for an all-over colour, especially if you choose a dark colour, can be very aging and you may look as though you’re wearing a helmet …

One of the best ways to transition:

Using highlights or low-lights is a an excellent way to make the transition between your natural colour and grey because you’ll avoid the regrowth problem. If you are grey all over you may just opt for shades that mix and match with your grey … different shades of the same colour. Whichever path you choose, the important thing is to balance the colour with your skin and eyes.

With the right products and style,  grey hair maintenance can be kept to a minimum, and there is the advantage of no more damaging and drying colour being used.

The right Stuff

Your hair is likely to change texture and frequently becomes coarser and thicker and (ugh!) frizzier; all part of the menopause process! The right products will overcome all these challenges and help you retain a shine to your hair which frequently disappears when hair is grey. The secret is to use all things moisturised.

Some Tips and Tricks for managing your Grey Hair

  • If you have fine hair, keep it short. Any length in the hair is apt to make it look unhealthy. In fact, as we age, long hair is inclined to make us look less than youthful! Never use high heat on your hairdryer and never pull your hair. Use a volumising shampoo and moisturising conditioner; nothing too heavy.
  • If your hair is curly … let it curl; use a moisturiser or shea butter on your hair while it is wet/damp and let it dry naturally. Or use a conditioner containing olive oil to promote curl definition and shine.
  • If you have thick hair try and avoid washing it too often or it may become brittle and dry. Use a shampoo and conditioner that contains Shea butter for intense moisturising.

Because the cuticle of grey hair is very porous (the outer covering), it easily absorbs pollutants which can turn the hair yellow (so don’t smoke!). To maintain that silver-grey look, use a purple or violet-coloured rinse to remove the yellow.

Vitamins B6 and B12 are essential for your hair health … as are Omega-3 Essential fatty acids. Yes, it’s back to the fish again …

Anything that isn’t included here (and there’s quite a lot), is included in an about to be released book Grey Hair & You: Making your Grey Hair Look Gorgeous  Written specifically for women over 50, faced with the challenge of what to do with a head of hair they don’t like!



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