Bags: handbags, purses, totes, designer bags, and all things bag!

Most women love bags! Handbags, purses, tote bags, bum bags, make-up bags, any type of bag, by any name and for any use. But this is about handbags and things that go with and in them.

Of course, most of us love designer bags too, but having one depends on the size of our purse. If we can’t afford one we can dream; or buy a copy.

Before I go any further I need to add some translation so we all know what this is about:

□ In the USA, more often than not a handbag is called a purse
□ In the UK, a purse is a money/cash holder (coins in particular)
□ In the US a wallet is a pocketbook or a billfold
□ In the UK a wallet is a wallet; credit cards, notes, shopping receipts.

However, I am going to talk about handbags as handbags. It may be considered old fashioned “across the pond”, but that’s what I’m used to …

Best bags for we Women 50 and up

So, as a woman 50 and up you will have learned that for general wandering around on a daily basis, it’s hard to go past a cross-body bag. We don’t need as much ‘stuff’ as we did, and it’s sensible not to create unnecessary pain in our back, shoulders or neck, by carrying around a bag that weighs a ton!

Did I mention that the diagonal line makes you look slimmer?!

This Functional Multi Zip Pocket Crossbody Bag is perfect. It has 2 zip pockets on the front and one on the back (passport size!); it closes with a zip at the top; inside there is a zip pocket and a slip pocket. AND there are some really fabulous colours.

The Secret to changing Bags; quickly and easily!

Simple! Keep your goodies in individual small zip bags. For example, a small make-up bag, your purse (coins), a small bag for your phone which is attached to the strap (!) and a small bag that holds eye drops, sweeteners, panty liners and fresh wipes.

Make sure each zip bag has a different ‘feel’; if you’re at the movies or even just when you’re out and about, you’ll be able to distinguish between the bags by touch (so learn how each bag feels!) and find what you want quickly and easily.

All of this only applies if you’re still using a large bag, which you may use if you’re travelling. The alternative to small bags is an organiser such as the LEXSION Felt Handbag Organizer

The essential items for your bag if you’re 50 and up

If you’re having, or still having power surges (flushes, flashes, whatever!), you will need the following items in your bag:

Face spray. 

My personal favourite is the Nu Skin NaPCA Moisture Mist.  (this is a two-for-one special offer); I have actually seen it plump up dried apricots, so I know it works! When the heat rises, spray your face and then dab yourself with a tissue, not a face wipe … very cooling.

Panty liners.

If you’re not doing your Kegel exercises or if they’re no longer giving you the result you need, these are essential for those moments when you’re caught out. If you don’t know about Kegel get a copy of The Kegel Fix … a mine of useful information and a practical guide.

Fresh wipes.

Excellent when in the throes of hot flushes (flashes or power surges), and for those unexpected shrieks of laughter; and just because you want to feel a little fresher.

Please note: baby wipes are not the same thing and are not usually flushable.


You know the moment. A blinding ray of sunlight falls on your face and you see the 2 inch hair in the middle of your chin (It always seems to be black … how did you not see it before?) This is a great idea … Tweezers Set 4-Piece with Travel Case  …  for those of us who constantly lose things like this!

A Fan.

Hand-held or battery operated. You know why …

This one is really cute; it looks like a pussy cat and has an LED light as well Handheld Fan,Cute LED Portable Fan USB Rechargeable

A couple of additions to the list.

A small container with jelly beans in case you have a sudden drop in insulin levels. Not a packet! A small container …

Lipstick. If you did your make-up properly you won’t need anything else.

Band aids in case you get a blister. Two, not a whole box!

Sweeteners if you cannot live without the taste of sugar!

What do you consider to be necessities for your small cross-body bag? What can’t you leave home without? Do you enjoy the freedom of a cross body bag; hands-free!?


  1. Marilyn says

    I love a small crossbody and don’t seem to consider a fan, face spray or tweezers necessary but maybe that is because I am over the power surge period. Since I have long hair I do require a small fold up brush and a hair tie to get my hair out of my face or off my neck in windy or hot weather, hand sanitizer and hand cream, and breath mints. To each h her own!

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