Answering the Hard Questions about your Frosty Hair

Like it or loathe it frosty grey hair is a fact of life. It’s an integral part of the aging process and whether you turn grey early or late is really up to your genes. It is your genetic make up that largely determines the way your frosty hair begins it’s path to a head of snow white hair.

Most of us will experience a variety of frosty hair incarnations; from grey around the temples to a smattering of grey at the front and none at the back; from pepper-and-salt to battle ship grey. Who knew grey hair could prove to be so challenging!

Our Own Emotions are the Challenge

Of course, the challenge is really about our own mixed emotions. Whatever our colour was when we were younger, is inextricably linked to our identity.

Many women on the path to frosty hair experience a knee-jerk reaction and dye their hair dark. If your face is still young enough to take it, all well and good. BUT, there is a point at which a helmet of dark hair is less than flattering.

What to do in the Minefield of Grey Hair

What to do? Well, the answers to your questions are all contained in Grey Hair & You. All the options avialable to you are described and outlined in mind-boggling detail, in this one little book. No more searching the internet or talking to friends to find a solution. This book allows you to make a better choice in making the decision to bite-the-bullet and opt for change, or to stay where you are.

There is no Cure for Frosty Grey Hair

Let’s be quite clear. There is no cure for grey hair because it isn’t an illness; it’s the natural attrition of aging! So please ignore the purveyors of snake oil and whatever else is on offer. And find a good hairdresser. And read Grey Hair & You!

In the meantime, ask yourself these few short questions:

  • Does grey frosty hair make you feel invisible?
  • Have you changed your make-up to go with your frosty hair?
  • Does your grey frosty hair look white or the colour of scaffolding?
  • Do you believe forsty hair stops you from meeting the man of your dreams?
  • Do you see frosty grey hair as an opportunity to re-style and re-invent your look and even, to some extent, your persona?
  • Does the way you look with your new grey and frosty hair put a spring in your step? If not, why not?



  1. Susan says

    I’m into my tenth month of transitioning to my ‘natural’ color. I LOVE the white/graey that coming through but the remaining hair is ‘yellowing’ from products.
    Has anyone used a great clarifying shampoo?
    Has anyone tried Manic Panic?
    Otherwise, I might have to have a major haircut and considering my fat face, unrulely coarse hair that tends to look like wrinkled Irish linen after a dayin humid weather… I am reluctant to do anything with my hair that doesn’t allow me to pull it back into a ponytail… I want to keep is at least shoulder lenght…

    • Penelope Whiteley says

      Hi Susan,
      No, haven’t tried Manic Panic; it’s a vegetable dye that sits on top of your hair and may be why your hair is looking yellow. I suggest you buy something like “Touch Of Silver” (shampoo and toner), or Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner from Art Naturals. Both these products are online and anything with that lilac/purple colour is designed to tone down yellow or orange.
      I would also look at the hair colour your using and find something else; do you have a good hairdresser you can talk to?
      Don’t cut your hair; just sort out the colour!

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