8 of the Best Practices for Packing Creams and Liquids

 There is little I find more exciting than packing a bag and heading off to the airport. Unless it’s chocolate chocolate chip ice cream … not for packing, just for eating!

I have learned a lot about packing over the years and I want to share some of that knowledge with you now; it will save you heartache and irritation. This is knowledge acquired the hard way and applying it has saved me on many occasions; tips and tricks that come in handy no matter where you’re going. So, if you’re off to Barbados or if you’re off to view the Northern Lights, you will always be prepared.

If you are travelling to Belize or Laos (just a couple of examples, not meant to be taken seriously!), you may be looking forward to a couple of weeks of bare face, un-styled hair and complete relaxation; you’re probably going to be so hot, the thought of having to do something to your appearance will make you sweat even more. The one thing you should never skip is sun protection … even in the jungle!

This is my personal list of 8 packing suggestions for liquids and creams…

#1 Are you going somewhere civilised?

Check to make sure that where you’re going is civilised! You don’t want to go to Borneo and find yourself in the jungle without adequate sun protection and nowhere to buy any. One of my personal preference is Neutrogena Age Shield Face. If you do happen to be in Borneo, or anywhere extra hot, it’s just what you need and the spf is very high.

#2 Little Plastic Bottles for Decanting.

Acquire Transparent Plastic Travel Bottles  and BPA Free, Cosmetic Containers 20g and fill them with your essentials. Save on space and weight in your suitcase and have enough product/s to last you from 3 or 4 days to a month or more. 

#3 Use Labels!

Label the containers clearly with something like Permanent Paint Markers | Medium Point They write on anything and you don’t want to start spraying your face with a spritzer that turns out to be hair spray!

#4 Use Sandwich Bags for Small Containers and Added Protection

If you’re of a twitchy disposition, buy a supply of  Zip ‘N Close Resealable Bags, and pop each container into a small bag. This is a just in case move … just in case something leaks. You do not want something like coconut oil swishing around in your bag …

#5 Protect Against Spills and save your Shoes

Packing the containers inside your shoes will save your shoes from being squashed out of shape and will provide added protection from spillage.

#6 Wrap Original Packaging in Cling Film

Of course, if you are in love with specific products for your hair or face, take them with you in their own original packaging. Pop them in a plastic bag or wrap them in kitchen wrap, and then slide them into a shoe or two, or down the side of your bag.

#7 Antihistamines: Take your Own

If you have allergies, check on Google to see if you can buy the products you want to use while you’re away or take enough with you to last for the time you are away.

#8 Bites, Insects, Rashes, Delhi Belly, and the Rest

Not wanting to rain on your parade or your holiday, don’t forget to slide something in for insect bites, small cuts, rashes, and upset tummy. Changes in climate, drinking water, temperature and food, can all have strange effects on the body. Invariably, if someone is struck down by the dreaded lurgy, it will be at 04.00 … be prepared!

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus   spray is great for banishing mosquitoes and other buzzy things, lasts up to 6 hours and is natural. It smells of lemon and eucalyptus; spray your clothes as well as yourself.

Organic Manuka Honey Creamis one of the best products you can use for rashes, sunburn, eczema and general dry skin, scratches, itchy skin and general irritation. Wonderful babies!

These are just packing tips for all things liquid and creamy … more about shoes, bags, jewellery, nails, hair, and make-up, is on its way!

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