7 Tips for Preserving your Skin

Photograph courtesy of Giles Douglas via Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/orangelimey/4937772/)

As I watch women in my age group (any woman over 50 is considered to be my age group), at department store counters and as they leave the safety of the spa or the beautician, I wonder two things: Do they ever count the monetary cost of the items they buy, and do they ever use a product and take a before and after photo of their skin to see if they have achieved the results that have been promised?

I believe there are certain things we should do to preserve our skin as long as possible. Can these be categorised as anti-aging? If you’re anywhere between 18 and 58, the answer is probably yes. If you’re over 58, it may become a question of making the best of a bad job!

In a way, I suppose this article is designed for those who are young enough to still have great skin and are happy to embark on the science of preservation.

Skin Preservation:

These are 7 of the best tips for preserving your skin …

Stay out of the sun; use a good blockout such as Kiss My Face Sunscreen SPF 30 for Face and Neck

Don’t smoke; can’t stop? Use one of the many options available.

Move your face (facial mobility means you are exercising your muscles), and don’t be beguiled by Botox. Natural is always better than paralysed. Read this Marie Claire article and start exercising.

Use good products; good isn’t always expensive. I am a fan of TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum and products like it, which contain Vit E and Hyaluronic Acid. I used Vit C and HA regularly back in my late thirties. It definitely worked and the results have been lasting.

Eat well and drink water; good anti-oxidant nutation (Read this!) and you know water is good for you. Will it hydrate your skin? No. But it will hydrate your body …

Minimise stress; using which ever method works for you, but please remember, stress is a killer and you must do something to lower your stress levels. Stress is aging. Try reading 25 Ways to learn how to stop stressing and start living.

Sleep … how many times have you heard get 8 hours of Beaty Sleep? Well, you’ve heard it again … because it’s true

These are all simple things you can do for yourself and will all contribute to skin that is happy and healthy.

What do you do to preserve your skin? If you’re over 55 did you fry yourself in the sun?! Do you use special products? Share with us and let us know what you think, what you use and how you feel …

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