4 Essential Steps to take Before Writing a book: Fulfilling your Passion

So many women over 55 want to write a book, and so many don’t. One of the reasons the writing process becomes stuck is if the passion is greater than the basic information required to actually put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard … There are 4 very basic questions to which you need to know the answers. Believe me when I tell you, nobody ever sat down and just wrote a book. Nobody. Ever.

Start by asking yourself if you want to write the great (American, English, French, Italian, wherever) novel, or write a non-fiction work which can help others or that you can use in your business? Or do you want to write the family history for future generations and for the satisfaction of doing it … Whatever you want to write, this really has to be the very first question. In Just Write the Damn Book, we assume when you start, that you know if you’re writing non-fiction or fiction! Not always a good assumption to make.

Before anything happens, before you have decided to write, put pencil to paper or type on your laptop, you need to ask and answer the following:

What do you Really Want to Write?

The simple question is Fact or Fiction, which requires a simple answer and, if you know who you are and what you want to achieve, it should come quickly and easily. But notice,  if you know who you are, because writing a book creates incredible personal change and you may find out things about yourself you didn’t know existed.  Click to start the process.

If you decide to write about your profession, perhaps teach, share your knowledge with others or even as a step-by-step guide to something that is a passion for you, be prepared for the change writing your book will bring …

Why: What are the Top 10 Reasons you want to write a book?

Everybody has a different reason, and you may have several reasons that are clear, and some that are not; now is the time to create and write the list! Click here and go for it …

Like everything in life, knowing your why gives you clarity of purpose, and feeds the flames of passion … you must understand your WHY … it will make the task of writing so much easier.

Who are you Writing for?

Do you know the answer? Do you have a specific demographic in mind? Who will want to read your book? Who will want to buy your book, because I’m sure you don’t want to pour your soul out for no return or kudos.

Think long and hard about who your people are; where they’re from, what they do, why they would be interested? Build your avatar. Complete the list.

What my Readers are Really Looking for …

Well, you know who they are, but what do they really want? Click here and create the list. This is all part of the preparatory research that must be done before you start writing … The entire process will feel and be so much easier because you have done your research and answered some of the questions needing to be answered!

If you really want to write a book and are prepared for the research and pre-work that goes with the process, let us know and we can send you the details about Just Write the Damn Book. Yes, this is an online course, although in 2020, it will be a writing retreat in Italy. Who wants to come and write with us?




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