The 10 Biggest Make-up Mistakes made by Women 50 and Up

It sounds very negative to write about the 10 biggest make-up mistakes women 50 and Up make, as opposed to writing about the best make-up tips! But for me, the key to the best make-up at any age, is following the Less is More rule …  especially once we are over 50.

Does Your Self-Esteem Match Your Self-Confidence?

Often we meet a woman, or even a group of women, who seem to have everything. They are attractive, smart, intelligent and sassy. Which is why it comes as such a shock to discover they have low self-esteem. The exterior is a tour de force presentation of brimming self-confidence and chutzpah.

Moving to a Sultry Autumn/Fall Image Change.

I love Autumn! I love the change from being hot and sticky, lying on a beach sweltering, showering 3 times a day to stay cool and wearing thin clothing that does nothing to hide the bits I don’t want seen, to the Fall opportunities in clothing, make-up and shoes!

What’s Good About Aging for Women? How we Can Make it Better

What’s good about aging for women? I know, for some of us it’s a really difficult question to answer; it depends on the weather, or what’s happening or who we’re with, or who we’re not with, whether we feel fat, is it a good hair day, and many other small but important mood changers.

What to Take on the Plane: Long-haul Flights

Most of what follows is applicable to long-haul flights as opposed to the 2 – 3 hour hops we’re used to … there is a huge difference between the two, although general flying tips for the average flight are similar; aside from things like Eye Masks.

News & Views on Diet, Anti-Aging and Lipstick, from North of the Equator

This is the latest version of weekly happenings and news … not the News at 10.00, the news on Diet, Anti-Aging and Lipstick! My question is how to schedule it for the best … no good sending you the email if you can’t access the blog. Last week, I went on Net-a-Porter and ordered a […]