News & Views on Diet, Anti-Aging and Lipstick, from North of the Equator

This is the latest version of weekly happenings and news … not the News at 10.00, the news on Diet, Anti-Aging and Lipstick! My question is how to schedule it for the best … no good sending you the email if you can’t access the blog. Last week, I went on Net-a-Porter and ordered a […]

On the Road Again; Packing Liquids to Avoid Spills in your Bag

I’ve spent most of my life travelling from place to place, country to country, and beyond (well, haven’t made it to the moon; yet!), so it may come as a surprise to learn that I am really bad at packing (although I’m very good at packing liquids!) … not because I don’t know what to […]

Newsiness and Strange Happenings in Early September

Every week, I send out an email to my subscribers, and this week, it’s becoming a blog. It’s a Newsiness and Happenings blog so everybody can keep up with Aging Disgracefully and all it means … starting from where we finished off last week …

House sitting: a good inexpensive way to see the world.

If you’re looking for travel, adventure and no accommodation costs, have you thought about house sitting? Invariably, house sitting is more about the temporary care of dogs, cats, reptiles, bunnies, horses and any other pet you can think of; including snakes! There are advantages and disadvantages; which is the point of this blog.

Apple-shapes: What to Wear and What not to Wear to look Stunning!

If you carry most of your fat around your upper body (abdomen, chest, and back), you are described as being an Apple shape. Often you will have broad shoulders and your rib cage will look large, but this is usually combined with slim legs; the Apple shape is a shape that many women acquire at […]