About Us

Penelope Whiteley: the Lifestyle brand for Women of a Certain Age who are looking for re-invention and who are ready for a little Luxury and Glamour in their lives

Our Vision:

To help women transform their lives and understand they already have the resources they need for change. To help women step into their own power, acknowledge their strength, take control and become their own person, learn to live, and dress as though they mean it!

Our Brand Values:


All of us at Penelope Whiteley on Aging Disgracefully are focussed on helping you to find and enhance your own way of life or style of living

It is our goal to provide you with an opportunity to enrich your life and release the authentic you within; the YOU that has been waiting to surface for many years.

Our object is to offer choices; in the way you think, the way you act, your beliefs, and the way in which you express your style through your clothes. And to help you embrace Luxury and Glamour as a side-effect of your choices.


Here at Penelope Whiteley on Aging Disgracefully, we aim to offer a space where luxury is redefined for your world of today; a world aligned with social responsibility for the environment, and respect for the individual .

We offer some rare items, some items to suit everybody, items that are unique and a pleasurable experience.


Glamour is the allure of charm, romance & excitement.

Our goal is to help you re-kindle, re-invent or just create for the first time, your idea of Glamour.

We believe Glamour is synonymous with Fun and we offer help, advice, suggestions, wit and wisdom to facilitate new choices in beauty.

Business Background

The Inspiration

For many years, founder Penelope Jane Whiteley, has been frustrated by the lack of stylish fashion and lifestyle products for mature women.

As a globe-trotting woman of a certain age, Penelope has travelled the world and found it lacking when it comes to providing experiences and products that respect the needs and desires of women with wisdom.

Glamour Basics

Rather than continue her fruitless search, Penelope decided to design and launch her very own range of glamorous, yet comfortable clothing for women of a certain age, called ‘Glamour Basics’.

  • Clothing made from fabrics that respect a ‘hot flush’,  is comfortable, easy care, and is top quality.
  • Clothing that is tailored and styled to forgive the “bibs-&-bobs” of a new body shape that you most want to hide.
  • Clothing that is designed and worn by a woman who is your age (maybe even a touch older!), is living a real life and believes every woman deserves to look and feel fabulous … every day.

The Spirit & Culture

Being a ‘real woman’ who has loved, lost and lived life, Penelope’s path has been one of creative endeavour, in which she has sought to assist others in whatever way possible.

It’s this spirit of creative endeavour which lead Penelope to write ‘Hot Stuff: The Ultimate Guide to Style for Women of a Certain Age’, a book that was inspired by her love for several close friends during a time when they, like herself, were struggling with menopause and  changing body shapes – “nothing looks good on me any more”.

Her care for others is apparent in the culture and environment that has been fostered at Penelope Whiteley. It’s what drives the business, influences the products designed, respects our customers and how our team treats one another.

The Team

Penelope Jane Whiteley

Founder and creative force behind Penelope Whiteley – Me!.

As a business woman, I’ve successfully launched and managed a number of companies in Australia and the UK – ranging from music publishing to software development.

And now, I’m a successful author, launching a fashion label, writing, speaking and absolutely loving life.