Penelope Whiteley is Aging Disgracefully

When you’re younger, you can eat what you like, drink what you like, still climb in to your 24-inch-waist trousers and zip them closed.

Then you reach that age of  50, 51, and the rest, and your muscles give up; they wave a little white flag and with  no warning they surrender, and you’re suddenly invisible.

Besides many of the obvious physical changes, there’s also the mental and emotional changes which left me questioning what on earth I had been doing for the previous 40 years?!

Now is the time. Aging with Attitude

Good grief! What had happened, in such a short period of time? More importantly, what was I going to  have to deal with for the next 40-odd years?

A question that didn’t matter before.

I was looking for change. The right change.

But I couldn’t be sure what to change into …

Sounding familiar?!

My Mother’s to Blame!

In our mother’s era, women were old at 50 and they were happy to fade into obscurity and ‘grannydom’, because there was very little else on offer.

Today, if we choose, we can wear eyelash extensions and behave outrageously, which is just another form of disgracefully,  but you may still hear Mother’s voice in the back of your head telling you to Age Gracefully! Although mine always maintained she was Aging Disgracefully …

They say that nothing is more beautiful than a woman with self-confidence.

Except, of course, a self-confident woman aging disgracefully … with an Attitude

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