Penelope Whiteley and Friends are Aging Disgracefully – Join Us!

.If you remember turning 50, this site is for you! We are all about aging (or ageing!); the processes and the solutions. We know that when you look in the mirror it’s such a shock seeing how you look because, in your head, you’re still 18 … We know, because we’ve been there and done that!

Being 50. Being over 50, and even being a long way over 50, we enter a no-mans land (or no womans land) of no longer being young and not really being old. It’s a conundrum …

Many of us are still dealing with the physical and emotional effects of menopause (did you know flushes/flashes can last into your 80s?!). We are busy learning, or have learned things about ourselves we didn’t really want to know.

This aging process of ours is the time when we should finally be taking control of our lives. It’s time to view it as something positive. A time to develop a real Attitude . A time to re-invent, re-style and change our perspective and learn to say NO.

We like to describe it as a Reboot process …

This is the time to be ruthless and take stock of your life; acknowledge the failures, the missed opportunities and all those things that make you feel guilty; why do you feel guilty?! Find what you love about yourself and your life. Most importantly, find what you want to change and how you’re going to get it done …

Join us here and let us help you follow your path. Penelope and friends offer advice on all things aging and anti-ageing; from anti-oxidant nutrition to dressing your newly shaped body; from exercise and arthritis remedies to dealing with grey hair.

Isn’t it time you started Aging Disgracefully?

▸ wear those black leather pants and red high heels;
▸ have fun;
▸ fill your life with love and laughter;
▸ travel to magical places;
▸ do what makes your heart sing;
▸ dress with your own personal style
Reboot your life

Tell us about you and let us share this journey.






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About Penelope Whiteley

Author, Speaker, Life Change Catalyst and Aging Disgracefully with Attitude, Penelope Whiteley’s presentations, books, DVDs & CDs, help and guide women over 50 to reinvent themselves mentally, physically & emotionally; and to Reboot their own personal style, find their own voice again, rediscover or find  their passion & step out as strong confident women.