Penelope Whiteley and Friends are Aging Disgracefully – Join Us!

Being 50. Being over 50, and even being a long way over 50, we enter a no-mans land (or no womans land) of no longer being young and not really being old.

We remember, just yesterday, being a size 8 and slipping into our 24 inch waist pants. We remember looking in the mirror at 18; we remember the shock of looking in the mirror being over 50 and seeing mother looking back.

Menopause and it’s physical and emotional effects take over our lives and we find ourselves in the middle of an identity crisis. Suddenly, we seem to be useless, not just to ourselves but to everyone else as well. Nobody knows what to do with us or where to put us. What we’re expected to like and what we do like are often poles apart …

Menopause and aging are really something positive in our lives and we can see it all as a second stab at puberty without having to kiss lots of frogs in order to find a prince; do we really want a prince any more?! Or we can see it as a second Rite of Passage. A time to re-invent, re-style and change our perspective.

This is OUR time. The time to be ruthless and take stock of our life; acknowledge the failures, the missed opportunities and all those things that make you feel guilty. Find what you love about yourself and your life. Most importantly, find what you want to change and how you’re going to continue on your journey for the next however-many-years you choose!

If you are anywhere over 50, it’s time to start Aging Disgracefully; having fun, travelling, doing whatever makes your heart sing, and dressing with your own personal style.







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About Penelope Whiteley

Author, Speaker and Aging Disgracefully with Attitude, Penelope Whiteley’s presentations, books, DVDs & CDs, help and guide women over 50 to reinvent themselves mentally, physically & emotionally; and to design their own personal style, find their own voice again, rediscover or find  their passion & step out as strong confident women.